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Couple Vacations In France, Girlfriend Only Takes Pictures Of Dogs

Most people love taking pictures when they travel. Some will take hundreds of them, wanting to capture every sight that they encounter, while others just snap the important stuff.

For one woman touring France, it’s easy to see what her priorities were. Her photo reel consisted of one specific subject: dogs!

“We went to France, my girlfriend only took pictures of dogs,” Imgur user Eightcents posted. Lucky for us, he went on to share her photography skills!

“Starting off strong in Colmar,” user Eightcents wrote.

Image Source: Eightcents via Imgur

“Dog in a basket – classic A+”

Image Source: Eightcents via Imgur

“Le woof”

Image Source: Eightcents via Imgur

“In France, even dogs drink espresso”

(Don’t worry, it’s just water in a little cup!)

Image Source: Eightcents via Imgur

“…at the flea market”

Image Source: Eightcents via Imgur


We can totally relate to this photographer, because no matter where we are, we only have eyes for dogs! (And is it just us, or do the pups even look more fashionable in France?)

Image Source: Eightcents via Imgur


Thanks to this dog-lover and her artistic eye, our beliefs have been confirmed: dogs really do make the best scenery!

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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