Dog Bravely Protects Girl From Armed Kidnapper

Dogs consider their families as part of their pack. Most of the time that translates to them wanting to be close to us. But sometimes, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep their pack members safe. That loyalty is one trait we love so much about them.

Facebook user Vu Hung from Vietnam shared an incredible CCTV video that demonstrates a dog’s protective behavior. The security footage shows an armed intruder entering through a back gate where a black dog and little girl sit. That hero of a dog is named Putin, and it’s a great thing he was there when the intruder came.

Hung’s caption identifies brave Putin as a valuable member of his family.

“Thật tuyệt vời Putin ak. Putin thông minh lắm.putin đã ngăn cản được nguy hiểm cho cô chủ nhỏ. Putin đã lập công lớn rồi, với gđ giờ putin là bảo vệ, vệ sĩ, là thành viên quan trọng trong gđ đó.”

(APPROXIMATE ENGLISH TRANSLATION) That’s great Putin. Putin is very smart. He stopped the danger to the little miss. Putin has grown up. With his family now Putin is a bodyguard, an important member of the family. 

Vu Hung via Facebook

I think calling him an important member of the family doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Stopping The Intruder

As the video begins, a man opens the gate with a gun drawn. At this time, Putin is lying down and his human sister stands a few feet away. You’d hardly guess that this cute doggie is an adept guard dog.

Vu Hung via Facebook

The armed man walks over to the young girl. When the stranger picks her up and points the gun at him, Putin reacts immediately. He boldly runs up and bites down on the kidnapper’s arm.

Vu Hung via Facebook

The incredible dog knew the intruder had malicious intentions. He refused to open his firmly clenched jaw to release the man’s arm. The smart boy held on tight!

Eventually, the intruder dropped both the gun and the child as he wrestled with Putin. This gave the little girl an opportunity to get away.

Vu Hung via Facebook

Watch the amazing footage below:

It’s worth noting that Putin in particular has been trained to protect his owners. But there’s no denying he’s a smart dog! I’d consider myself extremely lucky to be a member of Putin’s pack.

H/T: Good Times
Featured Image: Vu Hung via Facebook

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