UPDATE: Dog Living In Storm Drain Refuses To Be Captured

UPDATED 6/12/17:

The elusive storm drain dog of Grande Prairie has been captured! Thanks to the combined efforts of Grand Prairie Animal Services, the Grand Prairie Streets Department and Duck Team 6, the shy pooch was pulled from the sewer at 6:30 AM on Saturday June 10.

Image Credit: Grande Prairie Animal Services

The Shepherd mix captured the attention of an entire Texas town and animal lovers all over the world when photos of her peaking out of the storm drain appeared on social media. Locals named the dog Cassie, although her gender was unknown at the time.

Image Credit: Grande Prairie Animal Services


Cassie – who is indeed a girl – was checked out by the Grand Prairie Animal Services veterinary staff and found to be in good health. Unfortunately she is not the missing dog from nearby Garland, and she does not have a microchip.

Now that Cassie has been captured, her rescuers are ensuring that she will go on to a safer, happier life! She has been placed in a loving foster home and is adapting to life above ground.

Image Credit: Grande Prairie Animal Services


Grand Prairie Animal Services wishes to thank everyone who expressed their concern and helped bring Cassie to safety. They invite you to visit their website or head on down to the shelter to see all the fabulous animals waiting for their forever homes!



Community members in Grande Prairie, Texas are concerned about Cassie – an elusive German Shepherd mix that has made his or her home in a local storm drain. Animal control workers don’t know the dog’s sex, but they do know that he (or she) is incredibly difficult to catch! Rescue efforts – including baited traps and foot patrols through the sewer system – have gone on for three months, but locals say they spotted the pooch in the drain up to six months ago.

Watch closely and you’ll see Cassie peeking out of the sewer!

Danielle Tate, manager at Grand Prairie Animal Services, spoke to the Huffington Post on Tuesday. She made a point to assure people that Cassie is not trapped in the drain. He has been spotted entering and exiting the sewer through three large entry points.

“He pops his head out of the drain and then smiles, looks at you and watches people as they go by,” Tate said. “He’s not stuck, not in any danger. He can come and go at his leisure.”

Tate reported that Cassie always comes out of the drain during bad weather – including last week’s flooding. She suspects he has been so difficult to trap because locals have been feeding him. Animal services has asked that community members stop providing food and treats, and attempting to capture the dog on their own.

One Grande Prairie resident has forged a tentative bond with Cassie and is able to hand-feed him. That person is assisting animal control officers in their rescue efforts. Although the dog seems to prefer life in the sewers, the entire community agrees that it is no place for a pet!


The Huffington Post also reported that a woman named Deana Johnson, who lives about 30 miles from Grande Prairie, suspects that Cassie may be her missing dog. The pooch disappeared over a year ago, but photos captured of Cassie do resemble Johnson’s dog, Sasha.

We hope to bring you a happy update on Cassie’s rescue soon!


H/T to The Huffington Post
Featured Image via Twitter/WWLTV


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