Dog Moves Objects From Blind Person’s Path

Since dogs evolved alongside us, they’ve had quite a long time to learn about human behavior. Some dogs can even be taught which people may need their assistance, like the elderly or the disabled. They can tell just by observing their body language. One viral video from India shows how training paired with a dog’s intuition can help people unable to help themselves.

Now, just as a disclaimer: The intention of this awesome footage isn’t entirely clear. You know how it goes with the internet, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. Initially, when shared by the Twitter account for the Police Commissioner of Pune City in India, it was presented as an eyewitness video. Some have since questioned its validity.

The video shows a dog stop and turn around on his walk to clear the path of a blind man walking by. Some believe the blind man was staging a performance as a training exercise for the dog. Others speculated the footage was captured deliberately for some unknown purpose. Still, a few hopefuls wanted to believe that where his person failed to, a dog performed a humane act.

Regardless of what the video is for, the act of “dog humanity” highlights so much of what we love about man’s best friend.

Lending A Pair Of Strong Jaws To Someone In Need

Dogs hardly have to be told to pick up inexplicably large sticks while out walking. But in the case of this video, the smart pooch followed his training to move a tree branch from a blind man’s path. Well, first he and the person he’s walking with climbed right over it. However, the blind pedestrian walking the opposite way, towards the stick, couldn’t see it. This man was using a cane to guide his way.

Screenshot, @CPPuneCity/Twitter

After they passed the blind man on their right, the woman seemed to make a gesture to her dog. The pup then turned around, sped in front of the blind man, and removed the heavy stick from his path.

Screenshot, @CPPuneCity/Twitter

I couldn’t really say without an official assessment, but this dog looks to be of German Shepherd descent. These dogs are among the strongest when it comes to biting down. Their jaws have a PSI (pounds per square inch) of 238. That makes lifting a large branch like this with his jaws a fairly routine task. It’s also part of the reason they make such good police dogs.

In the video, the pup moves the stick completely off the pathway before the man can trip over it. He then happily trots back over to his person who waits.

Screenshot, @CPPuneCity/Twitter

Watch the entire thing for yourself below:

Thanks to this kind of intuition and training, a dog can make the most courteous pedestrian. And if they get to enjoy carrying a stick in the process, that’s just gravy.

H/T: Pulse.Ng
Featured Image: Screenshot, @CPPuneCity/Twitter

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