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Dog Running In Chucky Costume Is Killing It Online

There is no shortage of dog halloween costume posts floating around the internet these days. I mean, Halloween is next week and there is something so absurdly hysterical about a dog in a costume. Things can get pretty hilarious when you place a wig on a pup’s head or dangle gawky jewelry from a dog’s neck. It’s all in good fun and as long as the dogs enjoy the extra attention, we are happy to get behind harmless dog costumes of every variety.

A Slow Motion Video that Leaves You in Stitches

This week, there is a particularly effective video making the viral rounds. The Pit Mix is running in a Chucky costume, brandishing a toy knife and his humans had the wherewithal to publish the video in slow motion. The result is ridiculously funny and personally, I have watched it approximately 27 times. Each time I giggle my face off.

This Pittie is Totally Killing It

Not only does the costume fit the Pittie perfectly, with its front legs lined up just right to make it look like a tiny Chucky bounding towards you, his shoulders move side to side just like you’d expect a maniacal toy doll killer’s hips to sway. And the knife? It bounces in an ideal stabbing motion over and over again, with each step the Chucky Puppy makes. Without a doubt, this dog costume video is the best I’ve seen. The internet is saying that this dog won Halloween. With over 13 and a half million views and repeating viewings that leave me in stitches, I have to agree.

How Long Has Dressing Up Dogs Been a Thing?

We’ve been companions to dogs for at least 12,000 years, maybe more. At some point during our very long history together, we humans decided that we just had to dress up our four-legged friends. Ancient Egyptian art shows dogs with ribbons and other materials tied around their necks like ancient collars. These were status symbols and ways to train and restrain dogs.

Apparently around the late 19th century, dog fashion started becoming more popular and even spawned an industry for dog clothes manufacturing. Princess Victoria, well known for her love of dogs, Spaniels in particular, wrote that she “dressed dear sweet little Dash in a scarlet jacket and blue trousers.” In Paul Mégnin’s Nos Chiens, (Our Dogs) the author wrote about “costumes” for dogs that were donned for afternoon visits, evening wear, travel, and the beach. 

Dressing dogs in costumes has been popular for hundreds of years. Now that we have the ability to share their costumes with the world, you can bet that doggie fashion is here to stay.

H/T The Dodo and Bark Post

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Written by Kristen Cudd
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