Dog Shot By Armed Robbers For Trying To Protect His Owner During A Home Invasion

In Philedalphia, a dog who was shot for trying to protect his owner during a home invasion has now recovered from surgery and being cared for by his deceased owner’s sister.

It was January 16th when 41-year-old Nakia Pyat was shot and killed by armed robbers who invaded his home. His dog, a Boxer-Pit Bull mix named Rhino, was also shot when he tried to protect his owner. Rhino was shot in the leg, but he survived after he was taken to the Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center(VSEC) to have the bullet in his hind leg removed.

Watch the video below for the full story.

Rhino was loved by his deceased owner, and now his owner’s sister, Ivory Poinsett, is there to take care of him. Ivory may have lost his brother, but she also has gained a new family member.

You can read more details about this story at NBC 10.

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