Dog Stolen In California Ends Up In Pennsylvania Only Days Later

French Bulldog thefts are on the rise. Many heartless people are stealing dogs from innocent families in an attempt to resell them. Lady Gaga’s Frenchies were just a few of the many dog victims in recent years. Now, another dog parent witnessed a similar situation, but something isn’t adding up.

Rachel Avery from West Hollywood, California, lost her French Bulldog named Jag while going for a walk. Someone stole him almost right away and took him across the country. Yet, that person claims they were just trying to do the right thing, so they returned him shortly after.

French Bulldog Stolen

Frenchie on the Run

Jag ran away after slipping out of his collar on a walk. Surveillance footage from local businesses showed the French Bulldog running around the neighborhood for a while. But then, a man got out of a black SUV and scooped up the dog.

When Avery found out that her dog had been stolen, she panicked. She offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who returned the dog. However, she stated that the reward amount would go down after every day that passed.

French Bulldog Christmas photo

It didn’t take long for someone to locate the man who had Jag. When confronted, the individual said that it was all a misunderstanding. He thought he had been rescuing the dog since Jag was alone with no collar on. So, the man agreed to return the pup as soon as possible. The only problem was that he had returned home with Jag, and they were in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

“When I heard he was in Philadelphia, it was unbelievable,” Avery said. “I was in shock that so quickly a dog can be taken and then transported to another state.”

French Bulldog cuddling

3,000-Mile Journey

Avery agreed to go to Pennsylvania without hesitation. She didn’t mind traveling 3,000 miles if it meant she would be reunited with her furry friend. She met the man at the airport, where he handed over Jag. Avery and Jag had an emotional reunion. She cried as she held her beloved pup in her arms.

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Of course, Avery is overjoyed that Jag is home, but she’s skeptical of the man who had Jag. There were so many options besides taking him across the country if he really was trying to rescue the dog.

Woman reunited with Frenchie

“They could’ve taken him to an animal shelter. They could’ve taken him to a vet,” said Avery.

Avery said she’s unable to say anything about the reward situation at this time. She’s just happy to have her dog back, and she’s grateful for all the people who helped her look for Jag. This story reminds dog parents that experts recommend all dogs, especially French Bulldogs, get microchipped in case they get stolen.

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