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8 Things You Need To Know About Microchipping Your Dog

One in three pets will get lost in their lifetime. A dog or cat goes missing every 7 seconds. The statistics can be frightening, but the good news is that lost dogs with microchips are two and a half times more likely to find their way home again.

Stories of missing pets being reunited with their humans years after going missing show that microchips really do just what they claim – keep pets home where they belong!

As wonderful as these tiny devices are, they do have their limitations and require a certain level of maintenance on the part of the owner. Below are 8 facts you really need to know in order to ensure that your dog’s microchip functions correctly and keeps your pup safe and sound!

1. Don’t Be Scared – Microchipping Is Easy!

Microchips are implanted using a large enough needle to allow the rice-sized chip to pass through. For your dog it’s basically like getting a vaccine with a wider gauge needle. There is certainly a little pinch as with any injection, but it’s over in a snap! If your pooch is particularly sensitive, ask your vet to apply a topical anesthetic to ease the sting.

2. The Registration Should Be Filled Out COMPLETELY

A microchip registration is very detailed and some people neglect to fill in every line. Providing your work phone number may seem unnecessary when your cell is never far from your hand, but what if your dog goes missing on a day when you forgot your charger? Be sure to provide every single method of contact that you have including email, full address, family members and emergency contacts who could pick up your pup if you are unreachable.

3. It’s Important To Update Any Info That Has Changed

Planning a move? Got a new phone number? Be sure to contact the microchip company and update your information! Also, it may seem like a no brainer, but some folks forget to send in their initial registration after the chip is implanted. Without that registration the chip is useless, so be sure to send in the registration and update the info as needed.

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