A Dog Wandered Into Walmart. He’d Been Missing 6 Years.

Yes, a dog wandering into a Walmart and hanging out by the carts is amusing on its own. But it turns out that little shopping trip would also become a miracle. It happened just a few weeks ago in Oklahoma. When Walmart employees noticed the dog, the store’s manager Sandy snapped a picture of him in a shopping cart. She then shared the photo of the sweet dog on Facebook, hoping his family would see and come get him. The post … Read more

Formerly Missing Dog Rescued From Hoarding Situation Reunites With Person

At the end of January, authorities seized nearly 200 animals from a home in Montgomery County, Texas. They called it some of the worst conditions they’d ever seen. Among those rescues was a fluffy white dog named Wrangler. Before this major rescue, Wrangler ‘s true person believed him missing. USAF Airman First Class Ryland Brown went away to San Antonio for military training in 2017 when Wrangler was just 6 months old. While he was gone, his ex gave the dog … Read more

Oklahoma Woman Reunited With Dog She Hasn’t Seen In 10 Years

Yet again, here a microchip comes to save the day! A senior Boxer admitted as a stray to OKC Animal Welfare this week had her microchip scanned with help from the company that made it. According to the scan, there hadn’t been any information updates to it in a decade, so staff assumed they wouldn’t be able to get in contact with the person registered to it. They gave it a shot nonetheless. When they did get in contact with Crystal Fentress, … Read more

Woman Unknowingly Rescues Senior Dog She Lost 11 Years Prior

Children bond with their childhood pets in such a strong way. We never forget our first puppy love and will always hold them close in our hearts. For Nicole Grimes of Pennsylvania, the pup that first made that kind of mark was a small black and gray girl named Chloe. Image Nicole Grimes Facebook A Gift from Nana Nicole’s grandmother gifted her the puppy when Nicole was 10 years old. Dressed in a pink bow, Nicole was immediately infatuated with … Read more

4 Reasons Shelter Euthanasia Rates Are Down 75% Nationwide

As reported by the New York Times, euthanasia rates at shelters across the country have fallen by more than 75% since 2009. There are several reasons behind this extremely positive trend but before diving into those, “Can I get an AMEN?!” Experts agree that a shift has happened nationwide. Rather than being sentenced to death, shelter animals are now far more likely to be rescued, returned to their family, or adopted than they were before this cultural, organization, and technology-fueled … Read more

Is It Safe To Microchip Your Dog?

There are countless stories of lost dogs reuniting with their owners thanks to their microchips. These devices are small, inexpensive, and easy to implant. If your pup came from a shelter or rescue organization, chances are he or she already has one. So why aren’t all pets required to have microchips as they are in the UK and some US cities? Is microchipping really necessary? And if so, is it safe to microchip your dog? What are pet microchips? The … Read more

Found Dog Is Claimed By Two Different Families — Who Should Take Her Home?

Five years ago, a dog named Molly went missing from her home in St. Louis, MO. Her owner, Jason Senseney, adopted her when she was a puppy, and he was devastated when weeks and months passed with no sign of his family dog. Eventually, he gave up hope and assumed he’d never see Molly again. But a few days ago, he received a surprising phone call. The call was from Avid, a company that manufactures and manages pet microchips, and … Read more

Man Makes 1300 Mile Roadtrip To Reunite Missing Dog With His Mom

On December 5, Zach Holt and a very lucky dog named Zimba began a 1300 mile roadtrip from Ridgeley, Maryland to Wichita, Kansas. Waiting at the end of that long journey was Zimba’s human, Ikea Mosley. Although ecstatic that the lost dog she had been searching for was safe, the single mother was unable to take the necessary time off work to retrieve him. It all began last month when Mosley’s boyfriend left Kansas for a visit to Maryland with … Read more

Dog Journeys From Texas To Arizona & Back Again In The Wake Of Hurricane Harvey

Natural disasters of Hurricane Harvey’s magnitude cause nearly as much chaos as they do property damage. Luckily for the animals of Houston, there have been countless volunteers working day and night to get them out of harm’s way and into the safety of shelters across the country. Due to the overcrowding and confusion left in Harvey’s wake, a pup named Katana has embarked on quite a journey – from Beaumont, Texas to Phoenix, Arizona and back to Texas again! Katana … Read more

Microchips Save Thousands Of Pets, But They Aren’t Always Effective

Microchips have become a standard addition to a healthy dog’s early veterinary routine. It is recommended that puppies and shelter dogs receive vaccines, heartworm testing, flea and heartworm medication, spay or neuter surgery and a microchip during their first year. Just like any technology, these chips sometimes fail. Despite their shortcomings, missing dogs with microchips are 30% more likely to be reunited with their owners than those without.   Microchips are tiny bioglass-coated cylinders that use radio frequency technology to … Read more

City Bands Together To Reunite Homeless Man With His Dog

Brett Nicholls became homeless 18 months ago. He suffers from spinal nerve disc compression and has been unable to hold a job. His 15-year-old dog, Molly is his constant companion, remaining faithfully by his side through thick and thin ever since she was a tiny puppy. But in the late hours of Saturday night, Molly went missing. With the help of Nicholls’ community members – both online and off – the two “best mates” have not only been reunited, they … Read more

Canine Custody Battles Emphasize The Importance Of Microchipping Your Pets

Two cases involving legal ownership of missing dogs – one with a microchip and one without – have been settled this month. Although both dogs are now back in the arms of their original owners, their situations could have been resolved faster and without messy custody battles, had all the parties involved understood the importance and correct usage of pet microchips. A post shared by Elita (@elita_the_malinois) on Mar 10, 2017 at 9:15am PST Rosemary, a tiny Chihuahua mix, went … Read more

Missing Dog Adopted By New Family Is Reunited With Her Original Owner

A heart-wrenching and eye-opening case involving a lost pooch sparked a viral debate via social media before finally reaching a happy conclusion this weekend. Little Rosemary – a 3.5 pound Chihuahua mix – is back in the loving arms of her original owner after a series of unfortunate events led to her being adopted out to a new family. Rosemary’s story began on April 4th when she went missing from the Cameron Park, CA home of her owner, Alec Nygard. … Read more

Missing Dog Returns To Family 4lbs Heavier: “He Was Obviously Living The Life Of A Lord”

The Gallagher family of Lougher, Duleek in Ireland are speaking out about the importance of microchipping your pets after receiving a holiday surprise that made them “happier than any lottery winners.” After 6 long months, they were reunited with their missing dog Spot. If not for his microchip, that joyous day may never have come. Spot was welcomed into the Gallagher family 6 years ago as a companion to their 10-year-old German Shepherd, Dora. As is common in the Irish countryside, … Read more

8 Things You Need To Know About Microchipping Your Dog

  One in three pets will get lost in their lifetime. A dog or cat goes missing every 7 seconds. The statistics can be frightening, but the good news is that lost dogs with microchips are two and a half times more likely to find their way home again. Stories of missing pets being reunited with their humans years after going missing show that microchips really do just what they claim – keep pets home where they belong! As wonderful … Read more

Missing Dog Returns Home With Fresh Incisions From A Mysterious Surgery

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Dr. Bob Fier’s Collie, Prince are mysterious to say the least. The dog returned to his Stuart, Florida home 5 days after running away during a thunderstorm. He was safe and unharmed, except for a pair of incisions in his back where his microchip had been cut out. Prince became spooked by the storm and ran away from Dr. Fier on September 18. A neighbor found him wandering loose without I.D. and took him to … Read more

Dog Found Swimming In Lake 4 Weeks After He’d Gone Missing

On Monday, dog-mom Suzy Lesser got some amazing news after losing her dog a month ago! Moose, a 6-year-old Yellow Lab, was being cared for by a pet sitter when something disastrous happened: he ran away from home, and couldn’t be found. Four weeks passed without a trace of Moose, until a few days ago. He was spotted by four girls from their boat in Pewaukee Lake. “We knew eventually it would get tired, so it was pretty urgent for us to make … Read more

Discussion: Should Pet Microchipping Be Mandatory In The US?

As of April 6th 2016, it has become a law for dog owners to have their pups microchipped in the UK, a move that follows Northern Ireland, who implemented the law four years ago. An article by engadget explains that if a dog over 8 weeks old is found un-chipped–or with information that is out of date–owners will be given 21 days to get it done before facing a £500 fine, the equivalent to about $700 US dollars. According to the article, 83% of UK … Read more