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Oklahoma Woman Reunited With Dog She Hasn’t Seen In 10 Years

| Published on December 7, 2019

Yet again, here a microchip comes to save the day! A senior Boxer admitted as a stray to OKC Animal Welfare this week had her microchip scanned with help from the company that made it. According to the scan, there hadn’t been any information updates to it in a decade, so staff assumed they wouldn’t be able to get in contact with the person registered to it.

They gave it a shot nonetheless. When they did get in contact with Crystal Fentress, whose information was on the chip, she was confused. She asked for confirmation that the dog’s name is Lela, which it is.


Morgan Epperson, who works at the animal welfare facility, could understand why Fentress was so surprised: she hadn’t seen Lela in 10 years.

“When I called the owner, she was confused because she didn’t have a missing dog. She then asked if the dogs name was LeLa, I confirmed the name and she instantly broke down, stating the dog has been missing for TEN. YEARS.”

Years ago, Fentress moved from Texas back to Oklahoma with Lela in tow. Unfortunately, her new apartment complex didn’t allow any animals. Her job involved working with patients, and one patient offered to take Lela in for her.

For a while, Fentress continued to keep in touch with Lela’s new family, but eventually lost contact. She had no idea the poor girl had been lost. Eagerly, Fentress drove down to the shelter the next day.

Epperson shared in an update on Facebook that the two long lost loves had been reunited for good.

“Lela is now home bound!!! After TEN YEARS of her momma missing her, she finally got reunited. All thanks to a little microchip that got implanted ten years ago. I can’t lie when I said I cried when I hugged the owner. My heart is so full of love and happiness. I love what I do, even the heartbreaking parts. This truly has been such an amazing journey.”

The reunion was beautiful, with tears and gentle kisses. A decade was like no time at all for these two.


In light of this amazing story, Epperson emphasized the importance of microchipping animals.

“Shelter and rescue workers put so much love and time into every animal they encounter and it’s stories like this that we live for! Please please please microchip your animals!! Crazy and unexpected things do happen!”

Screenshot, KOCO/ABC5

Some people say microchipping should be required by law here in the U.S. as it already is in the UK. Others argue that there may be implantation issues or registration mix-ups. Let us know what you think!

H/T: KOCO News / ABC5
Featured Image:@morgan.epperson.58/Facebook

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