19 Of The Coolest Dog ID Tags On The Market

Even with microchips, your dog’s first line of defense is an ID tag. After all, there are non-pet people out there that don’t know to take a dog somewhere to have their microchip scanned. But ID tags are easy. Your only problem is going to be choosing just one. And with so many cute options out there, how do you decide? Here are 19 cool dog tags to help you narrow down your search. Which one looks like the best option for your furry friend?

#1 – Oh Crap…

Humor is always good, even if it means your puppy has lost their way. This tag says exactly what a lost dog is probably thinking! If you flip it over, there’s plenty of space for your dog’s information to help them get home.

Oh crap I'm lost dog ID tag
Image source: etsy.com

#2 – Dog Tag Art

This company has so many cool dog tags, it’s hard to pick just one! You can even upload your own image or choose one of the pre-made designs for your dog. Of course, you can also customize the text however you’d like.

I rescued my human dog tag
Image source: dogtagart.com

#3 – The Force is Strong With This One

If your dog has a dark side and you’re proud of it, this tag is for you! The seller also has other Star Wars-themed dog ID tags, including Boba Fett, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and more. Hopefully, your dog loves this franchise just a much as you do.

darth vader dog ID tag
Image source: Etsy.com

#4 – QR Code Tags

Not all cool dog tags need to be stylish and colorful. These tags are special because they make updating your dog’s information quick and easy. Each tag has a QR code on the back from PetHub, so people can scan it using their smartphone to get your information.

QR Code Dog Tag
Image source: pethub.com

#5 – Scrabble Tag

This is such a clever idea! With the first letter of your dog’s name on the front, and your information on the back, it’s sure to be a conversation starter at the dog park.

cool dog scrabble tile ID tags
Image source: Etsy.com

#6 – Washer Tag

This tag is fun because it’s a shape you don’t normally see. It’s a lightweight tag, making it perfect even for small dogs. The seller hand-stamps each character onto a nickel or brass washer, depending on your preferences.

Washer dog tag
Image source: etsy.com

#7 – Hello My Name is…

This tag is just too darn cute, especially for a dog that loves to greet. With this adorable product, your furry friend will be ready to make new friends in no time! It comes in at least 20 different colors, and you can choose from four languages.

Cute dog name tag
Image source: dogids.com

#8 – Copper Bar

This is another tag that has a unique shape, which works best for bigger dogs. It’s a sturdy bar that can be made of copper, aluminum, or brass. You can get text engraved on all four sides if you wish.

Copper bar dog tags
Image source: etsy.com

#9 – Dog Tags in Metal

These tags have a cool, industrial-looking design to them. They’re made of light-weight metal with indented letters. So, you won’t have to worry about your dog’s name rubbing off over time. Plus, the shiny grooves give it a beautiful aesthetic.

Dog tags in metal
Image source: etsy.com

#10 – Slide on ID Tag

Does putting new tags on your dog’s collar hurt your fingers and chip your nails? These tags eliminate those problems by sliding onto your dog’s collar. They have soft, rubber edges to ensure that your dog stays comfortable.

Slide on dog tags
Image: etsy.com

#11 – Buckle Martingale Collar

If you don’t like the sound of jingly ID Tags, this is the perfect solution for you. It’s also a martingale collar, which are “no slip” because your dog can’t back out of them. Thus, they’re safer than a regular collar. Your dog’s information is engraved on the buckle.

Buckle martingale ID dog collar
Image source: Etsy.com

#12 – Medical Alert Tags

Dogs can’t let strangers know if they have specific needs. But they can use tags that can! These tags notify others that a dog is blind, deaf, has seizures, or needs medicine. It’s a great way to help your dog stay safe if they ever get lost.

dog medical alert tags
Image source: dogids.com

#13 – Bullet ID Tag

This is something no one else on your block has: a dog ID tag made out of a 9mm, 357, 38, or 45 auto bullet. You can get your dog’s name and your number engraved on this sleek identification tag.

cool dog bullet tags
Image source: etsy.com

#14 – Driver License ID Tag

These cool dog tags are great because you can fit a lot of information on them. And they are fun! Just like you, your dog can have a small card that displays almost all their basic information. Unfortunately, they still can’t legally drive a car though.

Dog driver's license tag
Image source: mypetdmv.com

#15 – Leather Collar with Name Plate

If your dog wants to look mature and stylish, this might be the option for them. It’s a genuine leather collar with a customizable brass nameplate for your dog’s information. Your dog will feel like a million bucks with this stylish design.

Engraved leather collar
Image source: etsy.com

#16 – Sherlock

With the TV series and the movies, this design is awesome, even if your dog isn’t named Sherlock. It’s silver on the back and copper on the front, with cute little stars stamped on it. Your dog’s information can be engraved on the back for no extra charge.

Cool Sherlock dog tags
Image source: Etsy.com

#17 – Flower Gold Flakes

If bling is your thing, then these tags are for you! These small and large tags are made of a clear epoxy resin, with flowers and sparkles inside. There are a few different flower colors to choose from so you can pick one to fit your dog’s style.

sparkly flower dog tag
Image source: etsy.com

#18 – WaggTagg

Bark Busters has come out with a new tag: the WaggTagg. Like some of the others on this list, someone can scan the QR code or enter the number in their website to find your information. Currently, the WaggTagg is only available to Bark Busters clients for their dogs.

Waggtagg Dog ID
Image source: waggtagg.com

#19 – iHeartDogs Customizable Collar

iHeartDogs sells a wide variety of dog collars that don’t even need an identification tag. You can get your dog’s name and your number stitched right into the collar to avoid the jingling sound of dog tags. If your dog gets lost, this will make it easy for strangers to see their information.

iHeartDogs customizable collars
Image source: iheartdogs.com

Are you still looking for some cool dog tags for your canine companions? Hopefully, these adorable products helped make your decision a little easier. But no matter what ID tag you choose, your dog will still be as cute as ever!

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