RECALL: Performance Dog Raw Pet Food Tests Positive For Salmonella And Listeria

The United States Food And Drug Administration has issued a warning to not feed your dogs Performance Dog Raw Pet Food produced on or after July 22nd, 2019. Two samples collected during an inspection of Bravo Packing, Inc., the manufacturer of Performance Dog Raw Pet Food, tested positive for Salmonella and/or Listeria monocytogenes. Here’s what you need to know about this. Which Products Are Affected? The specific product the FDA is cautioning about is Performance Dog Raw Pet Food, lot … Read more

Is It Safe To Microchip Your Dog?

There are countless stories of lost dogs reuniting with their owners thanks to their microchips. These devices are small, inexpensive, and easy to implant. If your pup came from a shelter or rescue organization, chances are he or she already has one. So why aren’t all pets required to have microchips as they are in the UK and some US cities? Is microchipping really necessary? And if so, is it safe to microchip your dog? What are pet microchips? The … Read more

Man Hopes That His Heartbreak Over Late Dog Can Serve As A Warning To Others

After a tragic accident led to his dog’s death, Ryan Brand is determined to spread an important message about the dangers of suffocation for dogs. Brand took to Facebook to tell a heartbreaking story about his beloved dog of eight years, Hippo. According to his post, Brand came home from work one day expecting his best friend to give him a warm welcome. Instead, he came home to find that Hippo had suffocated after getting his head stuck inside a … Read more

Improve Your Dog’s Health And Get To Know Him Better Than Ever With Animo!

The fitness tech game is continually changing the way many of us exercise, eat, and live. Being able to track our activity gives us an edge when it comes to our health and wellness, granting us the ability to tackle health goals and take better care of ourselves. With that being said, it’s about time there was a way for us to offer this powerful insight into the lives of our four-legged best friends! Tech trackers have the ability to … Read more

Your Dog’s Risk For Creepy Mouth-Burrowing Beetles Increases In Winter

They may resemble innocent ladybugs, but Asian lady beetles have several significant differences. They vary in color, have more spots, and are far more aggressive than the ladybugs we know and love. According to experts, their powerful survival instincts may even make them a risk to your dog. Asian lady beetles search for warm, humid locations to ride out the winter. And every now and then, they seek refuge inside a dog’s mouth. “Humidity is their normal environment,” Mikal Shamsi of … Read more

Air-Conditioned Dog Houses Let Your Pup Go Where You Go

A Brooklyn-based business created by a loving dog mom is being compared to successful ventures like Uber and Airbnb. Chelsea Brownridge came up with the idea for DogSpot while living through the dog days of summer in New York with her rescue pooch, Winston. “He has a ton of energy so to get him out of the house on as many walks as possible was really important,” she said. “I started to realize how many times he couldn’t come with me … Read more

Here’s What To Do When You See A Dog In A Hot Car

Every summer, dog owners say things like, “I’ll only be a minute,” and, “It’s okay as long as the window is cracked.” They go on to leave their pets trapped in their vehicles while the temperature climbs. When it’s 70°F outside, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 113°F in only a half-hour. Thousands of dogs a year suffer from heatstroke, and many die because their owners don’t fully understand the dangers of a hot car. Many states have … Read more

7 Things In Your Backyard That Could Be Deadly For Dogs

Your backyard is where your dog is free to run around and soak up the sun, but it’s your job to make sure that happy place doesn’t end up being a dangerous place. You’ll need to look at your yard with a critical eye to spot the things that might get a curious sniffer or mischievous mind into trouble. Most of the things on this list are everyday items you probably have in your yard right now. They’re safe when … Read more

Scientists Study YouTube Videos To Discover The Lesser Known Triggers For Dog Bites

Common reasons dogs snap at humans include fear, pain and resource guarding. Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Liverpool set out to discover the lesser understood triggers for dog bites by analyzing 143 YouTube videos showing 362 real bites. Dog bites are a global health problem causing physical, mental, and financial strain to individuals, health care systems, and businesses. They also affect canine welfare, as many dogs are relinquished to shelters or euthanized for biting, even when the incident … Read more

How To Safely Travel By Airplane With Your Pet

With heartbreaking stories of pets dying during airline travel filling the headlines, you may wonder if this mode of transport is safe for your furry friends. Kitty Block, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, says flying with dogs and cats should always be a last resort. If airline travel is unavoidable, knowing your rights, options, and the risks your pets may face will help empower you to advocate for their safety. According to the Department of Transportation, … Read more

How To Help Your Dog Through A Seizure

Whether your dog has a diagnosed seizure disorder or is experiencing an episode for the first time, it can be difficult to keep your wits about you. In fact, owners often end up doing more harm than good when trying to help their dog through a seizure. Dr. Pippa Elliott, a veterinarian with 30 years experience, shared her basic rules for protecting your dog and minimizing the effects of a seizure. Related Post: The 5 Things You Need To Know … Read more

8 Essential Products To Include In Your Doggy Disaster Preparedness Kit

It seems like every other news story involves some kind of disaster. From wildfires to hurricanes and “bomb cyclones”, no place is safe from the power of nature. Your family may be primed to face any scenario with a detailed preparedness plan and emergency evac-kit, but don’t forget your dog needs evacuation supplies, too! Creating a doggy disaster preparedness kit helps ensure that your pooch remains safely by your side throughout any emergency. The following 8 essential products will prepare … Read more

Why Cooling Collars Are So Effective At Keeping Pups Cool

Summer is a great time to get out and spend some time away from home with your pup! It’s time for vacations, camping, outdoor exercise, and the parks and beaches are full of other dogs to play with. But don’t forget that your dog feels the heat outdoors just like you do – and he has a fur coat he can’t take off. Though your dog may be great at a number of things, cooling down isn’t one of them. … Read more

The Healthiest Food Will Bring Your Pet A Thriving Life

What do you say when people ask you how your dog is doing? Do you shrug your shoulders and say “fine”? Or do you tell your friends and family that your dog is overjoyed, on top of the world, honest-to-goodness thriving?   Some people may be okay with knowing their dogs are doing “fine,” but others know that our dogs are capable of being so much more than just “fine” and won’t settle for less. How do you take your … Read more

3 Basic Behaviors You Must Teach Your Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are very intelligent and can learn just about anything you want to teach them, however, their terrier personality can make training a challenge. For some owners, the challenge becomes “not worth it” and they decide their Jack Russell doesn’t really need to learn how to roll over or fetch. And, really, that’s probably true. Unless you plan on competing in canine freestyle or competition obedience (where you need a retrieve), tricks and behaviors such as these are completely optional. … Read more

3 Basic Behaviors You Must Teach Your Doberman

You can teach your Doberman Pinscher to do almost anything – maybe you want her to learn how to balance on a pedestal or retrieve your newspaper each morning. Or maybe you really don’t care if he knows how to do anything fancy, as long as he is housebroken. No matter what your motivation for training is, there are a few behaviors your best friend should know for his own safety. The following are three basic behaviors you must teach your Doberman. … Read more

5 Tips To Prevent Your Sheltie From Pulling On The Leash

Does your Shetland Sheepdog pull your arm out of your socket at every walk? Many Shelties have trouble walking on leash for a variety of reasons – they may want to greet other people or dogs, or chase moving objects (including cars!). In some cases, your Sheltie may be pulling out of fear and you will probably need the help of a professional trainer. But for those that just have a rambunctious Sheltie bent on chasing everything, don’t worry, you … Read more

3 Basic Behaviors You Must Teach Your Corgi

For the most part, what you teach your Corgi is entirely up to you and your family. If you want him to be the next agility champion, you will need to teach him skills needed for that sport. If you want her to be a herding star, that’s a whole different set of behaviors. Or maybe you don’t care what he does, as long as he learns to not go to the bathroom in the house. Regardless, there are a … Read more

3 Basic Behaviors You Must Teach Your Bull Terrier

What you want to teach your Bull Terrier in terms of behaviors and tricks is really up to you. No dog trainer should demand you teach your dog something you don’t want to. For example, many show dogs are not taught a Sit because their owners do not want to run the risk of them offering that behavior in the show ring. However, there are a few behaviors that all dogs should know to keep them out of trouble. The … Read more

3 Basic Behaviors You Must Teach Your Beagle

Have you given up on training your Beagle? Their willful nature can be a challenge that many owners decide isn’t worth fighting. And really, if your Beagle is just a family pet, he may not need to know a whole lot. However, even if he is just the couch potato that goes on daily walks with you, there are things he should know for safety reasons. The following are three basic behaviors you must teach your Beagle for his safety. … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your English Bulldog Is Stressed

Learning your English Bulldog’s cues for when she is stressed, anxious, or afraid of something is very important. Equally important, however, is knowing what to do if she is in that state. How you react can have a very big impact on whether your Bully’s fear stays the same, goes away or escalates. The following are four things to do when your English Bulldog is stressed. #1 – Find The Trigger First and foremost, you must figure out what is … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your Boston Terrier Is Stressed

Now that you know how to tell your Boston Terrier is Stressed, you may be wondering – now what? It’s all well and good to know your dog is stressed, but if you don’t know how to react to his emotions, then it does no good. What you do will have a big impact on how your dog deals with his anxiety, including future encounters with whatever triggers his reaction. The following are four things to do when your Boston Terrier … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your Yorkshire Terrier Is Stressed

Now that you know how to tell when your Yorkshire Terrier is stressed, anxious or fearful about something or someone, it’s time to learn what to do in those situations. How you handle it will affect whether your Yorkie gets over her fears, stays the same, or gets worse. If it gets worse, it can lead to fear biting. The following are four things to do when your Yorkshire Terrier is stressed. #1 – Find The Trigger First and foremost, … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your Dachshund Is Stressed

Now that you know how to tell that your Dachshund is stressed or afraid of something, you need to know how to react to the situation. If you do the wrong thing – including doing nothing – it can make the situation worse for your Doxie and next time his reaction to the same trigger may even worse. The following are four things to do when your Dachshund is stressed. #1 – Find The Trigger First and foremost, you must … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your Rottweiler Is Stressed

Now that you know the signs that your Rottweiler is stressed, anxious or fearful of something, you need to do something about it. Knowing how to react in these situations is key to helping your Rottie overcome his anxiety or fear. Handle it wrong, and you could make his fears worse. The following are four things to do when your Rottweiler is stressed. #1 – Find The Trigger First and foremost, you must figure out what is causing your Rottweiler … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your Pit Bull Is Stressed

Knowing the signs that your Pit Bull is stressed, anxious or fearful about something is very important. But once you know those signs and can tell when your Pitty is displaying them, you need to know what to do to help her overcome her emotions. Otherwise, those fears and anxieties will just get worse. The following are four things to do when your Pit Bull is stressed. #1 – Find The Trigger First and foremost, you must figure out what … Read more

5 Signs Your Schnauzer Is Stressed

Your Schnauzer is an intelligent dog that is capable of doing almost anything. They are tenacious with a personality bigger than their body size, especially so in the  case of the Standard and Miniature. But all of them, even the Giant Schnauzer, get anxious, stressed or fearful about something at some point – no matter how tough they may act. As an owner, it’s your job to know when all that bravado is really hiding insecurity. Here are five signs … Read more

5 Signs Your Poodle Is Stressed

Poodles are a wonderful breed because they are usually good with whatever comes along – it’s one of the reasons they are used frequently for therapy, service and performance work. This does not mean that they never get stressed, anxious or afraid of anything. And no matter how intelligent they are, they still can’t speak our language. This is why it’s so important to learn your dog’s body language so you can “hear” her when something is bothering her. The … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your Lab Is Stressed

Being able to tell that your Labrador Retriever is not happy – whether she is stressed, anxious or nervous – about something or someone is a very important part of being a good dog owner. Once you can tell that your Lab is stressed, however, you need to know how to deal with her. If you do the wrong thing, you can actually make the situation worse. The following are four things to do when your Lab is stressed. #1 … Read more

4 Things To Do When Your Husky Is Stressed

Being able to tell when your Siberian Husky is bothered by something or someone in his environment is important to his well-being and your safety. A scared dog can often bite out of fear, so it’s good to be able to read your dog’s body language. But knowing your Husky is stressed or anxious is not enough – you need to know how to react to your dog’s fear or stress in order to help him overcome it. Doing the … Read more