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3 Basic Behaviors You Must Teach Your Corgi

| Published on April 4, 2017

For the most part, what you teach your Corgi is entirely up to you and your family. If you want him to be the next agility champion, you will need to teach him skills needed for that sport. If you want her to be a herding star, that’s a whole different set of behaviors. Or maybe you don’t care what he does, as long as he learns to not go to the bathroom in the house. Regardless, there are a few cues that all dogs should know for safety reasons. The following are three basic behaviors you must teach your Corgi.

#1 – Come

A solid recall is important for your Corgi if he is ever off leash in public areas, or even to avoid a headache in a big backyard. It can save the life of your Corgi if she bolts out the door toward the street or other hazard. It’s just a good basic cue for any dog to know.

#2 – Leave It

A solid Leave It cue can keep them from chewing your shoe or stealing your dinner. It can make walks more pleasant – you can ask your Corgi to leave the grass and the trees he has sniffed for the hundredth time or all the people he wants to greet. Even the squirrel he may want to chase. Most importantly, it can save your Corgi’s life if he is about to eat something dangerous – this includes toxic human foods or maybe something unsafe he comes across during his walk, such as a razor blade.

#3 – Stay

Like Come, Stay can help keep your Corgi inside the house when you open the front door. It can be a sit, down or a stand stay – position really doesn’t matter. Stay is also useful if you are trying to get your Corgi to not chase the neighbor’s cat, or the bunny that pops out of nowhere. Finally, it helps teach her self-control, which is never a bad thing.

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