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Dog Survives Gunshot Wound To The Head Defending His Owner Against An Intruder

In Florida, a dog is miraculously alive after being shot in the head as he was defending his home against a burglar.

Anubis, a five-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, was all alone in the house when the burglary happened. When his owner, Chris Watson, got home from work at around 11 am, he discovered that his house has been burglarized. He immediately called for his dog Anubis, but he didn’t respond. When the police arrived, they found Anubis, hiding in the bedroom.

Source: ABC News -YouTube
Source: ABC News -YouTube

Anubis was still able to walk to Chris Watson, and put his head on his owner’s lap. And that’s he they realized that he was bleeding because of a gunshot wound in the head.

Source: St. Petersburg Police Department - Facebook
Source: St. Petersburg Police Department – Facebook

They immediately brought Anubis to the animal hospital where the doctors found the bullet lodged in Anubis’ neck. The bullet went through his skin and grazed his skull. Thankfully, the bullet didn’t hit any major arteries and blood vessels.

Watch the video below for the full story!

Anubis risked his life to defend his owner’s house. I hope they catch the monster who did this!

We’re just glad that Anubis is okay. His owners even say that despite the bullet wound, Anubis is in high spirits. I believe Anubis deserves a big reward for his bravery!

You can read more of this story at ABC News.

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