Dog Treat Company Employs Homeless Teens Who Can Relate To Homeless Pets

Homeless youth and shelter animals have a lot in common: they’ve been forced out of their homes; they’ve often been abused and neglected; and they’re searching for a place where they can belong. But unlike shelter animals, these kids can learn how to build a successful life for themselves, when given a few skills and a second chance.

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Image Source: Lindy & Company via Facebook


That’s why dog treat company Lindy & Co. thought that the homeless teens of Dayton, Ohio–where the company is based–would make the perfect employees.

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Image Source: Lindy & Company via Facebook


There, the teens are given the opportunity to build their resumes and learn job skills that will help them provide for themselves in the future.

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Image Source: Lindy & Company via Facebook



All of the proceeds from Lindy & Co. go to Daybreak, a nonprofit organization that provides meals, outreach programs–and shelter–to homeless youth in need.

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Image Source: Lindy & Company via Facebook


Not in Dayton? No problem. Lindy & Co. ships the all-natural dog treats all over. They come in a variety of delicious flavors, including grain free and vegan.

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Image Source: Lindy & Company via Facebook


This wonderful combination of learning and altruism reminds us of the high school shop students that build houses for dogs and feral cats. Homeless youth may be able to relate to shelter animals better than anyone else, so we have no doubt that each batch of treats is baked with extra love.

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Image Source: Lindy & Company via Facebook


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