Strays Found Guarding Blind Elderly Woman Asleep By River

Dogs don’t need words to show when they care about people. They convey this with their bodies. For example, you might have recognized your dog guarding you. They might lie against you or stand over you. They may even growl at any movement that might be a threat. This is a primal behavior tracing back to dogs’ wolf ancestors. Still, it really clearly shows which people a dog cares about. On March 3rd, Facebook user Ake Srisuan shared photos of two stray … Read more

Staffie Abandoned At Church With Heartbreaking Note

When dogs are surrendered or abandoned, we can be quick to judge the person who would do that to their animals. But there are many complicated circumstances that lead to animal surrenders. Some truly hope their dogs will be better off in someone else’s care. Some have little knowledge of the resources available to them. A Staffordshire mix left tied up inside the Sacred Heart Church in Blackpool, Lancashire before Christmas is somewhat of a product of both those things. … Read more

After Losing Their Home, A Rescue Dog Helps His Family Move Forward

No matter how hard we try, life doesn’t always go as planned. That was the reality for Robert and his faithful rescue dog Meaty when they suddenly found themselves homeless. When Robert and his partner first adopted Meaty from Front Street Animal Shelter in Oakland, CA, they were happy with a roof over their heads and great plans for their future. They fell in love with Meaty at first sight, and Robert knew he’d do everything possible to make his … Read more

UPDATE: Dog Abandoned With Note By Owner Facing Homelessness Is Still Waiting

Scroll down for update. “Please take care of Sky. She is 6 years old and friendly. I couldn’t take care of her, I became homeless and couldn’t feed her. She is not sick just hungry, very friendly. Please find her a home. Please.” These gut-wrenching words were found in a note attached to an abandoned dog’s harness last week. The terrier mix was discovered roaming free on the Delaware Humane Association‘s property. Sky wore a spiked leather harness that hung awkwardly on … Read more

The Cure For This Dog’s “Mystery Condition” May Be His New Forever Home

When Fritos was found living alone on the streets, his skin was itchy and irritated, and he was missing patches of fur. Luckily, the loving folks at the San Antonio Humane Society took him in, and immediately went about trying to treat him. A year and multiple tests later, poor Fritos is still living with this itchy “mystery condition,” even though vets have ruled out lots of potential causes for his symptoms.   According to the San Antonio Humane Society: “Initial … Read more

Fences For Fido Builds Dog Run For Pets Of Homeless Women

Kirkland’s Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Washington state provides a Safe Parking program for women who are down on their luck. They can sleep in their cars in the parking lot and use the building’s kitchen and Wi-Fi. Now, their dogs have a place to run and stretch their legs. Related: 10 Best Invisible Electric Fences for Dogs Fences For Fido is a nonprofit organization that usually builds fences for dogs who are tethered in back yards in order to … Read more

Homeless Man Sleeps Outside Shelter Hoping To Reunite With His Lost Dog

A kennel technician at Atlanta’s DeKalb County Animal Services spotted a man huddled up asleep on the sidewalk in front of one of the rescue’s two shelters. Upon speaking with him, the employee learned that the man was searching for his missing dog and had come to the shelter in hopes of finding her. The man’s little dog, Tata had been picked up two weeks earlier as a stray and taken to DCAS’ new shelter on the other side of … Read more

City Bands Together To Reunite Homeless Man With His Dog

Brett Nicholls became homeless 18 months ago. He suffers from spinal nerve disc compression and has been unable to hold a job. His 15-year-old dog, Molly is his constant companion, remaining faithfully by his side through thick and thin ever since she was a tiny puppy. But in the late hours of Saturday night, Molly went missing. With the help of Nicholls’ community members – both online and off – the two “best mates” have not only been reunited, they … Read more

This Young Vet Runs A Clinic Providing Free Care To Homeless People’s Dogs

Ruby Shorrock is only 24-years-old, but she has already managed to graduate veterinary school, open a revolutionary new clinic, and selflessly serve the pets – and humans – of her community. The young vet is an inspiration to the homeless men and women she helps, as well as the entire veterinary community who have taken notice of her service and begun to spread the goodwill. A photo posted by The Trusty Paws Clinic (@trusty_paws) on Sep 4, 2015 at 12:05pm … Read more

Vet Offers Free Services To Homeless Owners & Their Dogs

For some people who are homeless, a dog is the only family that they have. What’s worse, many shelters don’t allow dogs, forcing homeless pet owners to make a decision: spend the night in a warm shelter with a bed and a meal, or stay cold and hungry on the streets so as not to abandon their dogs. Of course, most choose the latter. Realizing that there was a huge lack of resources for homeless pet parents, vet student Ruby Shorrock, along with … Read more

Dog Treat Company Employs Homeless Teens Who Can Relate To Homeless Pets

Homeless youth and shelter animals have a lot in common: they’ve been forced out of their homes; they’ve often been abused and neglected; and they’re searching for a place where they can belong. But unlike shelter animals, these kids can learn how to build a successful life for themselves, when given a few skills and a second chance.   That’s why dog treat company Lindy & Co. thought that the homeless teens of Dayton, Ohio–where the company is based–would make the perfect employees.   There, the … Read more

Homeless Man Surrenders His Injured Dog To Shelter For A Chance At A Better Life

“I love you. This is the best thing that I can do for you right now.” –that was what the homeless man told his dog before he surrendered her to the East Bay SPCA shelter. The man rode his bike to the shelter, and running right beside him was a dog who was limping on her right leg. The dog’s leg was bandaged, and the man told the employees of the shelter that the dog had gotten into a fight … Read more

This Homeless Man Saves Stray Dogs & Thanks To Social Media, Their Lives Changed Forever

I really admire people who have close to nothing, but still have the hearts to help those in need. Just like the man in the photos below. A woman named Alicia was driving home in Arkansas when something in the road caught her eye. She saw an elderly man pedaling his bike. And when she passed by him, she noticed that the man’s bike had a makeshift trailer behind it. And in the trailer where a bunch of dogs. Alicia … Read more