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Homeless Man Surrenders His Injured Dog To Shelter For A Chance At A Better Life

I love you. This is the best thing that I can do for you right now.

–that was what the homeless man told his dog before he surrendered her to the East Bay SPCA shelter.

The man rode his bike to the shelter, and running right beside him was a dog who was limping on her right leg. The dog’s leg was bandaged, and the man told the employees of the shelter that the dog had gotten into a fight with other dogs. The dog’s leg was swollen and damp–signs of a serious infection.

Image Source: PAWsitive - YouTube
Image Source: PAWsitive – YouTube


It was obvious that the man had tried his best to help the poor dog. He told the shelter employees that he couldn’t afford the medical care that she needed. The employees offered to take her in, but that would mean that he would have to give her up. It was hard for him, but he wanted his dog to have a better chance. So he knelt down in front of her, and before he kissed her good bye, he told her, “I love you. This is the best thing that I can do for you right now.“.

Watch the video below for the full story.


The man knew that Sheba’s best chance at surviving is for her to be at the shelter where she can get medical care. It was hard for him to give her up, but that is what love is about. It’s about putting the needs of the other before your own.

You can read more about Sheba/Gracie’s story at PAWsitive’s website.

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