Dog Who Spent 8 Years In A Shelter Celebrates Her First Christmas At Home!

Roxy was only two years old when she found herself in a shelter kennel. Shelter staff knew that as a Pit Bull breed she would have a tougher time finding a home than other dogs, but nobody expected her to spend nearly eight years there.

Despite her long stay, Teckles Animal Sanctuary staff described Roxy as a fantastic, cheeky dog.

“She can be a little nervous on occasion but with the bribe of a few sausages, she becomes very loving and loyal. She has a cheeky character and loves to play with tennis balls.

“Roxy is looking for an understanding family who will give her time to adjust to home life. She loves her food and snuggling under a duvet!”

Unfortunately, life isn’t all sausages and snuggles. Roxy needed a home with loving, understanding people who could commit to having her as their only dog. It was another trait that worked against her.

For 2,764 days Roxy waited. Finally, at the age of 10 years old, Roxy’s family came and took her home last December.

But this wasn’t a sudden “want-a-dog-for-Christmas” adoption. Leanne, a groomer, and Sam are both avid animal lovers, and fell in love with Roxy’s grey muzzle and sweet face. Roxy, however, needed more time to get to know the couple. For six months they visited her twice a week to let her become comfortable with them. They spent time with her at the shelter and had home visits to help her slowly adjust to a new life. When it came time to move, they chose a home with a yard for Roxy even though she hadn’t moved in with them yet. The couple did everything they could to make sure that Roxy would be happy when she came home.

Finally, on December 1, Roxy became an official member of their family! Shelter staff had fallen in love with her, but were happy to see her off to her new home.

Thanks to the patience of her new parents, Roxy has settled at home just fine! Leanne tells Gloucestershire Live:

“She loves to be tucked up into her blanket. She also has her own bedroom which is like a small child’s bed. Before she was so used to all the noise from the kennels which was fine and what she is or was used to but now I think that she is catching up on the peace and quiet.”

Just this week, Roxy celebrated her first Christmas at home in 8 years with her new family.

Roxy continues to settle in and come out of her shell. Leanne and Sam report that she’s doing well on walks, and though she’s still nervous, she’s even making friends with other dogs!

“Within just over a week Roxy has settled amazingly and made herself right at home. She spends most of her day snoozing in one of the many places she has to choose from. She can not wait for her walks to the park where she has even been starting to befriend some dogs! And then spends all evening cuddled up with mum or dad on the sofa under a blanket. She is such an angel and we are so happy she is with us”

Teckles Animal Sanctuary, where Roxy lived for 8 years, is having funding issues, and may have to shut down! You can help them out by visiting, offering a donation or spreading the word!


Featured photo: Teckles Animal Sanctuaries/Facebook


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