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Dog’s Heartfelt Reaction to ‘The Lion King’ Takes Over TikTok

Written by: Clarisse Q
Clarisse is an effective freelance SEO writer for a dog magazine, combining her deep passion for animals with her professional skills. Her hands-on experience with rescued cats and stray dogs enriches her writing, enabling her to create engaging and informative content that resonates with pet parents and animal lovers.Read more
| Published on May 24, 2024

In Dayton, Ohio, a beagle named Winston is making everyone smile. His owner, Gabrielle Pelfrey, adopted him when he was just a little puppy, and he quickly showed how sensitive he could be.

Winston’s special connection to movies became clear when he was very young. While recovering from an illness, he would watch TV with Pelfrey and react to what he saw on the screen. His most memorable reaction came from watching the live-action movie “The Lion King.” During the movie, Winston got so involved that he seemed to feel the emotions of the characters. In one viral video, which got over 7.5 million views, he even barked at the movie’s villain, Scar. Pelfrey had to stop him from jumping at the TV!

Image Source Credit via Tiktok

People on TikTok loved Winston’s reactions. One user commented: “It’s the holding him back from attacking Scar for me,” showing just how much Winston was into the movie. Others related to how absorbed he got, with someone saying, “Exactly how we watch the movie, too.”

Winston’s love for movies isn’t just about “The Lion King.” He also enjoys other films like “101 Dalmatians” and “Homeward Bound,” which Pelfrey says is one of his favorites.

More than just a movie fan, Winston is also very good at sensing Pelfrey’s feelings. When she has a tough day, he’s there to comfort her. “If I come home, and it’s a bad day for work, he just curls up next to me,” she explained. This shows how deeply he understands her.

Image Source Credit via Tiktok

Thanks to TikTok, Pelfrey realized that not all dogs are like Winston. His emotional responses and comforting nature have brought joy to many people online, just as he does at home. Winston’s story is a lovely reminder of how much joy and comfort a pet can bring into our lives.

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