Dogs Vs. Cats: Pokemon So Cute You’ll Wish They Were Real!

Whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not, it’s hard to resist the cute designs of these creatures. Many people are familiar with classic Pokemon like Pikachu and Charmander, but there are also plenty that look like real life dogs and cats!

Here are 6 adorable dog-like Pokemon and 6 of the cutest cat-like ones. If they were real animals, dog and cat lovers would be lining up to adopt them. But now, it’s time for the ultimate decision: are cat-like or dog-like Pokemon better? You can be the judge.

#1 – Yamper the Dog

Yamper is a new addition to the Pokemon family, first appearing in 2019. They’re round, lovable Corgis who also have the ability to generate lightning. So, as cute as they are, you might not want to hug them too tight!

Yamper and Corgi
Image: @pokemonlake/Facebook

#2 – Skitty the Cat

These sweet pink cats even have the word “kitty” in their name. They might not be overly powerful, but they have a charm that can even make other Pokemon fall in love with them.

Skitty and Kitten
Image: @key2art/Facebook

#3 – Rockruff the Dog

Rockruffs might use rocks for their powers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be cute and cuddly too! They’re full of love, energy, and happiness, just like most real-life Yorkies.

Rockruff and Yorkie
Image: Pokedex Daily Facebook

#4 – Litten the Cat

Litten will eventually grow up to be big, brave, and strong. They might look cute, but they tend to have an attitude. Plus, it’s important to note that they can also breathe fire!

Litten and Kitten
Image: @SerebiiNETPage/Facebook

#5 – Snubbull the Dog

Snubbulls might always look a bit grumpy, but that doesn’t mean their personalities have to match that. Like Bulldogs, they’re beautiful and adorable in their own unique way.

Snubbull and Bulldog
Image: @NationalPokedex/Facebook

#6 – Glameow the Cat

Glameows have attitude just like your real life house cat. They seem to think very highly of themselves and don’t like to be told what to do. When they’re happy, these Pokemon will sway their tails in a ribbon-like pattern.

Glameow and gray cat
Image: @NationalPokedex/Facebook

#7 – Lillipup the Dog

Lillipups are just like real-life Chihuahuas, weighing 9 pounds or less. Yet, their small size doesn’t stop them from being highly intelligent, brave, and strong as they grow older.

Lillipup and Chihuahua
Image: @NationalPokedex/Facebook

#8 – Zeraora the Cat

Zeraoras look like they’re always ready to pounce. While they might look tough, they’re just as courageous as a domesticated cat. Although normal cats can’t generate electricity like a Zeraora can.

Zeraora and Cat Pouncing
Image: Pokemon tail legends Facebook

#9 – Furfrou the Dog

Just like a Standard Poodle, Furfrou are known for their beautiful hair. This Pokemon has many variants with different hairstyles and coat colors, much like the crazy haircuts that some Poodles get.

Furfrou and Poodle
Image: @BRPokeGo/Facebook

#10 – Shinx the Cat

Shinx are more cat-like creatures that are capable of shooting electric from their bodies. They tend to be more sweet and timid than most cat Pokemon, and they might accidentally shoot electric if they get too excited.

Shinx and kitten
Image: @NationalPokedex/Facebook

#11 – Growlithe the Dog

While Growlithe have tiger-like coloring, they also look and act like dogs. They might not be big, but they sure act like they are. They’re loyal watchdogs that will always listen to your commands like a well-trained dog should.

Growlithe and Pomeranian
Image: @NationalPokedex/Facebook

#12 – Espeon the Cat

These cats really do have a mind of their own. They use psychic powers to defeat enemies, which means they can predict things and move objects with their minds. They can probably read your mind too.

Espeon and cat
Image: Eevee Evolutions Facebook


Now that you’ve seen all these fictional dogs and cats, which ones do you wish were real? They might have special powers, but they’re probably just as good of cuddle buddies as any furry friend in real life.

Featured Image: @Pokemon/Facebook

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