Mama Moose Watches Helplessly As Fishermen Try To Save Her Calf From Drowning

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
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| Published on March 24, 2023

When a tiny baby moose fell into a lake, it struggled to stay above the surface. Plus, its poor mother was forced to stand helplessly on the water’s edge, unable to save her baby from drowning.

But luckily, there were a few fishermen nearby, and they were willing to do whatever it took to help get the calf to safety.

Moose Calf

When a few fishermen happened upon a baby moose stranded in the rocky water, they weren’t quite sure what to do. They didn’t want to hurt the tiny calf or get themselves into a sticky situation with its protective mother. But it was clear by the way the mama moose was looking at her calf that she, too, wasn’t quite sure how to get her baby out of the unsafe situation. 

However, the fishermen decided that it would be for the best to allow the mother moose the time and space to rescue her baby by herself.

“We started looking around where the noise was coming from, and we spotted a baby moose struggling to get on the land, so we decided it was best to let nature take its course by letting the momma help its young,” said one of the fishermen.

So an hour later, they circled back on the lake so they could check to make sure the calf had gotten to safety. But when they arrived, they saw that the baby was still in the water, whimpering and struggling to get to shore. The calf was obviously exhausted and blowing bubbles out of its nose. 

Save Moose2

Now was the time for them for them to step in and help save the struggling moose! So together, two of the fishermen carefully lifted the little calf from the rocky water. They carried the beautiful baby up onto the shore and made sure it was a safe distance away from the rocky edge. It was shaking and shivering after being in the chilly water, but they were so happy to see it stand up all on its own!

Initially, the baby stayed close by and started to follow the fishermen back to the water. So they decided to stick around the area until they knew that the baby had been reunited with its mama. 

The heartwarming moments were captured on camera, and you can see the footage of the baby calf being saved by clicking the video below.

Featured Image: YouTube

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