Seemingly Sweet Dog Flunks Behavior Evaluation, Nearly Bites Off Lady’s Hand

A little dog, named Duel Duel, came to Danielle after failing a shelter’s behavior evaluation. The loving woman is the founder of Unleashed Pet Rescue.

The dog, although small in stature, packed quite the punch. He wanted nothing to do with anyone and lashed out accordingly. But Danielle was determined to save his life.

Screenshot via YouTube

The tiny pup was at the top of the euthanasia list at a kill shelter. If Danielle didn’t take him in, they’d have no other choice but to put him down. Thankfully a shelter worker reached out to Unleashed Pet Rescue hoping Danielle could help Duel Duel. She brought him back to their shelter and explains in the video that most dogs warm up after a couple of days, but Duel Duel didn’t.

Screenshot via YouTube

Danielle says, “I could tell that he wanted to love someone.” This pulled on her heartstrings, and so her conviction swayed her to bring Duel Duel home. Danielle could tell, once in her care, that he had trauma from someone’s hands. He was petrified of being touched and responded accordingly. His “aggression” was for good reason and Danielle knew it was her job to heal Duel Duel as much as she could.

The dog’s transformation is incredible to watch. Thank heaven for shelter volunteers and rescue organizations! Continue this glorious journey by scrolling down.

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