Excited Lab Tries To Be Helpful By Returning Delivery Driver’s Package

A Labrador Retriever named Nixon isn’t the best guard dog. He loves greeting anyone who approaches his home, especially delivery drivers. But after a recent video, the 8-year-old dog proved that he lives up to his “Retriever” breed.

When a delivery driver left a package at Nixon’s front door, the dog thought they left it by mistake. So, the playful pup jumped into action and did what he could to return the package to the driver. The video is hilarious and adorable, but Nixon was just doing what he thought was right.

Delivery driver petting dog

Dog Loves Delivery Drivers

Most dogs are wary of the mailman and any other “intruders” that come to their door. But not Nixon. He loves getting as much attention as possible from anyone willing to love him.

Megan Sand, Nixon’s human, said that most of the delivery drivers know Nixon, so many of them will give him treats. The pup will follow them around and try to join in on their delivery route.

“Nixon will run and hop into their truck, walk in the back with them, then follow them to our front door and then back to their truck,” Sand said.

Labrador Retriever with baby

But Sand had never seen Nixon try to return a delivery driver’s package before. So, she was shocked and amused when she saw the video footage.

Trying to Help Out

In the video footage that Sand shared, the delivery driver casually walked up to the front door and set down a package. As soon as Nixon saw them, the pup ran after them and received some head scratches. Then, the driver walked away to return to the job, not realizing that the dog wasn’t done interacting with them.

Nixon realized the person left a package on the ground, so he picked it up and chased after the driver. When he caught up to the driver, they looked back at him and let out a heartwarming laugh.

Dog chasing delivery driver

“With the holidays coming up, who here does their shopping online? Me too!” Sand wrote on Facebook. “The other day, our @fedex driver delivered a package and our nest got it all on video! It was too cute not to share.”

Even though Nixon returned a package that didn’t need to be brought back, he’s still a very good boy! He did what he thought was right, and he had fun doing it. His actions helped spread a little extra cheer this holiday season.

Watch the Silly Video Here:

H/T: fox10phoenix.com
Featured Image: YouTube

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