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Firefighters Welcome The Cutest New Team Member

The Porterville Fire Department in California recently welcomed a new member to the team, but he’s fluffier than expected. That’s because he’s not a firefighter at all, but instead, he’s a soft, adorable puppy!

Gardner the 10-week-old English Cream Golden Retriever might not be able to put out flames, but he has a talent that’s almost as heroic. He’s in charge of keeping the heroes in his office happy and calm. This sweet puppy is about to be a therapy dog for the firefighters. After all, they risk their lives every day to keep the world safer, so they deserve someone to comfort and support them.

Firefighter holding puppy
Image: @portervillefire/Facebook

An Honorable Puppy

Gardner the puppy was named after Chief Ross Gardner, the first paid firefighter with the Porterville Fire Department. He served for a total of 54 years, and he was a loyal team member. So, the department thought it was fitting to name this lovable pup after such a brave man.

“He had a reputation of taking care of his firefighters above all else. Our little puppy has big shoes to fill but we believe he is up for the task,” the Porterville Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

This cute puppy will be going through special therapy dog training thanks to California Service Dog Academy. He will specialize in helping his human co-workers cope with the stress of the job. It’s a skill that many of these hard-working firefighters can greatly benefit from.

Therapy Puppy Honor
Image: @portervillefire/Facebook

The Cutest Member of the Fire Department

While the firefighters have already met their adorable new team member, Gardner still has a lot of work to do. He will be going through the Sentinel Program at the California Service Dog Academy. They created that program to train service dogs to assist veterans and first responders. It’s not always easy for these heroes to get service dogs and therapy dogs, but this amazing organization makes it possible.

“We would like to give a special thanks to both Matt and Rebecca Corso, the Executive Officer and Animal Behaviorist & Lead Trainer, respectively, of the California Service Dog Academy, and thank them for establishing a great program!” the Porterville Fire Department wrote.

For now, Gardner is just an adorable, cuddly puppy, but in many cases, that’s enough to make someone’s day. Completing his training will only make him more comforting and lovable. Plus, he’s already mastering basic commands like “sit.” The Porterville firefighters deserve a stress reliever with unconditional love, so Gardner is the perfect addition to the department. Welcome to the team, Gardner!

Therapy puppy learning
Image: @CaliforniaServiceDogAcademy/Facebook

H/T: kmph.com
Featured Image: @portervillefire/Facebook

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