Sick Puppy Who Couldn’t Walk Gets Her 1st Plushy, Stands Up & Runs After It

A Pit Bull named Daenerys had been cruelly left behind by her original owner. He moved out of his apartment and took all his belongings, which were more valuable to him than his own dog. Daenerys sat there, day after day, without food or water.  Her body deteriorated from starvation. Every bone showed through her skin.

Daenerys would have starved to death if it weren’t for a miracle. A handyman went to the apartment to change the lock for new renters and found Daenerys inside. She was at death’s door. She wouldn’t have made it if he had not gone there that day. He immediately called his good friend Tara who rushed over. The dog was conscious and able to sit upright but unable to walk on her own. She looked like a skeleton. It was beyond heartbreaking.

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Tara, who had experience fostering hardship cases, took the dog home. Daenerys had a long road ahead of her. In order to recover, she would need to regain her strength. It took Daenerys five days to walk. When she finally did, Tara gave her a much-deserved round of applause. Daenerys was on her way to getting healthy and it was truly a blessing. Tara’s love, affection, and encouragement had a lot to do with the Pit Bull’s amazing progress. Daenerys, despite all she had been through, put all her faith into Tara and the other humans she met along the way. Aren’t dogs amazing?

Screenshot via YouTube

While she was still underweight, Daenerys made tremendous strides. She wore the cutest pajamas to stay warm. Then Tara discovered the sweetest thing. Daenerys LOVES plush toys. She couldn’t get enough of them! Tara explains, in the video, that the Pittie’s collection consisted of at least 100 plushies at any given time. She loved to bury her sniffer in the pile of toys and pick out which one suited her at that particular moment.

Daenerys got so attached that a plushy would accompany her anywhere she’d go. Even to eat a meal! The miracle dog’s story just keeps getting better (and cuter)! We are so grateful for this beautiful rescue and Daenerys’s second chance at life.

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