Sneaky Fox Tries To Frame Dog After Trashing Family’s Home

When people hear sounds in the middle of the night, they either choose to ignore them or assume the worst. Some people just think it’s their family member coming home, while others are quick to imagine it’s someone breaking into their house. However, very few people would ever guess that a random sound in their home came from a fox. And not many people would believe that story if they heard it.

Luckily, Emma Slade has video proof that a fox broke into her England home. She made a mistake by ignoring a sound at night because it turned out to be a sneaky fox making himself comfortable.

Fox on kitchen counter

An Unexpected Guest

Slade had heard a loud banging sound in the middle of the night, but she thought it was just her daughter coming home. When she got up in the morning, she saw that her house was trashed, including clean laundry scattered across the floor and garbage cans tipped over. At first, she thought her dog Bear was to blame.

However, Bear was off the hook once Slade saw a nervous fox sitting on the kitchen counter. Someone had left the door open a crack after letting the dog out. The fox must have entered and decided to make himself comfortable.

“I was quite scared at first, but it didn’t even flinch or want to move at all,” Slade said. “The door was closed when I came down in the morning so it must have blown closed in the night and the fox had gotten stuck.”

Man petting fox

No matter what the humans said or did, the fox didn’t budge, even when they opened the door. Foxes are usually skittish animals, so he was likely frozen in fear. However, Slade was eager to get him out of her home because she isn’t a fan of foxes. Not only did he leave feces in her house, but a fox also killed her pet rabbit when she first moved in.

Fox Overstays His Welcome

Slade posted a video of the fox sitting on her counter near a messy room. Many commenters pointed out that it’s unlikely the fox caused all the mess by himself. After all, there’s no way he left dirty dishes sitting out. So, viewers felt like Slade was being a little harsh on the confused animal.

In the video, Slade’s daughter’s boyfriend was the only one who got close enough to touch the fox. He put on some gloves and gently pet the fox. The fox didn’t seem to mind, so the boyfriend carefully approached the mammal and eventually picked him up to carry him outside. It was a lot of chaos, but now, the fox is back where he belongs and the home is fox-free.

Man setting fox free

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“There was no real damage but all the washing was on the floor, bins on the floor, and a lot of poo. There were flowers all over the sofa. It took three hours to clean up everything,” Slade said.

Bear is probably glad that the fox was spotted, otherwise, he might have been blamed for the mess and the poop. Yet, the pup seemed very curious about the fox, so he was likely wondering why the furry creature didn’t want to play with him.

Watch the Video Here:

Featured Image: YouTube

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