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Woman Frenziedly Looked For Puppy Who Was Taken From His Mom

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 3, 2024

Too many dogs struggle to survive alone, especially in areas with an overbearing stray animal population. Still, animal lovers and rescuers go out of their way to save as many lives as possible. The goal is that every dog enjoys a wonderful life filled with the endless love it deserves. A young puppy, heartlessly abandoned in a village, deserved to be showered with love. Yet, cruel individuals took him from his mother and left him to survive on his own. The distressed puppy wandered the village, sniffing for bits of food, unable to comprehend why he had been deserted.


Longing for his mother, the puppy began to wail loudly, hoping she might hear his cries and rescue him. When a rescue team got an urgent call about him, they quickly made their way to the village. Upon reaching the village, they scoured an abandoned house and a dumpster but found no sign of him.

However, when they heard loud crying from the nearby bushes, they realized they had finally found him. The rescuers hurried to the bushes and discovered the puppy curled up in a corner, his eyes brimming with tears and body shaking with fear. One rescuer embraced him gently, attempting to calm him.


Though the puppy retreated back into the bushes after being fed, the gentle tone of a rescuer coaxed him out. Sensing the kind person’s genuine intent to help, the puppy emerged from hiding. He was soothed and comforted, finally feeling the kindness he so desperately needed. The rescuer then carefully carried him to their car, where the relieved puppy fell asleep.


En route to the vet, the rescuers picked up another puppy, and soon, both were receiving medical check-ups at the clinic. The pups were friendly and cooperative during their visit, so the rescuers decided to take them to a dog park as a treat. At the park, the puppies played and explored, their tails wagging joyfully, seemingly forgetting their troubled pasts.

After enjoying a day filled with fun and relaxation, the rescue team took them home. One rescuer bathed the abandoned puppy, who relished in the attention and care. Now in a warm and comfortable home, the puppy felt secure and content, optimistic about the future for the first time. With all his heart, he hoped to soon meet his forever family, eager to embrace them and share his love.

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