From A Groomer: 3 Reasons Not To Shave Your Double-Coated Dog

If your dog sheds a lot, you’ve probably thought about shaving them to reduce the amount of hair left around your house. Maybe you thought shaving your dog would keep them cooler in the summer. Perhaps you think your dog would look cute shaved.

Generally, dogs whose hair only grows to a certain length and then stops, and specifically double-coated dogs – dogs that have an undercoat that sheds out – should not be shaved. Here are three reasons why it may not be the best option for your dog.


  • Shaving that type of hair can damage the dog’s coat. It might grow back okay the first time, but eventually your dog’s coat is likely to lose its luster and may grow back patchy or not at all, especially if they have underlying health issues. This may occur in any breed but it is especially common in Pomeranians. Have you ever seen one with stringy hair and bald spots? It may be the result of a health problem, but it’s usually a case of alopecia caused by a lifetime of being shaved.
  • They will still shed, they will just shed smaller hairs. You may think shorter hairs would be less noticeable, but they can be much more difficult to clean up. Short hairs become splinters that will embed themselves in your furniture and skin.
  • Your dog needs his coat to stay cool in the heat. Unlike humans, dogs can’t sweat (apart from the pads of their feet). They pant to keep cool. Shaving them actually exposes their skin more directly to the sun and causes them to overheat. Brushing out the undercoat without shaving the topcoat is the best way to keep your dog cool. For additional heat relief, you may choose to have your dog’s belly shaved, which will allow them to feel cool grass or tile without destroying their entire coat or exposing them to the potential for sunburn.
Photo Source: Matt Dodd via Flickr

A good groomer should warn you about these possibilities before shaving your dog. Be wary if they just accept your money to shave your dog without a warning that the coat may not grow back.

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