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Grandma Teaches Dog To Dance And It’s Absolutely Adorable

Written by: Stephanie Maguire
Stephanie Maguire is a writer for She loves animals so much that she started her own pet-sitting business in 2017, and goes out of her way to point-out and pet every single dog she sees.Read more
| Published on July 5, 2022

For some of our puppy pals, it’s nearly impossible to teach them a new trick. But for others, a single afternoon and some meaty treats are all the motivation they need. 

One TikTok user was seriously impressed with the new trick her grandmother managed to teach her aunt’s dog in such a short time. You won’t want to miss these moves. The video is both amusing and extremely adorable.

Grandma extends hands

Something that is incredibly impressive while also making you laugh is pure internet gold. This is exactly why TikTok user Daya Garcia decided to share this short, smile-inducing clip with the world. 

The footage begins with Grandma speaking in Spanish and beckoning the beautiful dog to dance with her. She moves her feet to the beat and extends her hands down to Sahara, the sweet pup.

Grandma dances

At first, Sahara just looks up at Grandma, seemingly hesitant. But that doesn’t stop Grandma from continuing to ask and offer her hands. She continues moving her hips and feet to the beat of the music playing in the background. After a few seconds, Sahara stops simply staring, and she stands up and balances on her back legs. Not only that, but she puts her paws up, and it really does appear that she’s dancing. 

Dog Dancing

The scene is already incredibly adorable, but it gets even better. Sahara starts to wag her tiny tail as she shows off her brand new dance moves. How heartwarming and hilarious.

For a brief moment, Sahara decides to take a break and begins to wander off toward the camera. But she simply can’t resist the seductive salsa music and scampers back over to Grandma to dance a bit more. 

Dog walks away

Then, just as you think the clip can’t get any cuter, Grandma grabs one of Sahara’s paws and takes her for a twirl. She literally spins her around like a professional dancer and gives us a brief glimpse of Sahara’s sweet face. It’s obvious that the pair have been practicing all afternoon. 

End twirl

But we’re not the only ones who were pleased by their performance. There are hundreds of comments where other social media users share how much they enjoyed the short clip.

This is exactly the kind of wholesome content the internet needs right now. Check out the grooving Grandma and Sahara’s doggie dance steps below. 


@dayagarcia3106 My grandma took a video of her dancing with the dog. Cutest and funniest thing ever 😂😂#fyp #dancingdog #grandma #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – Daya Garcia

Featured Images: TikTok 

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