“Grumpy Dog” Adopted Thanks To Viral Photos


Sheldon the grumpy-faced Pibble is the perfect example of just how important shelter photography is to homeless pets. The 2-year-old pooch arrived at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in late 2016, but after several weeks, no one had taken an interest in adopting him.

Then volunteer Heather Haltmeyer took Sheldon outside for a personal photo shoot.

She affixed a bright green bow tie to his collar and began to snap away. Not only was Sheldon well behaved for his beauty shots, Haltmeyer discovered that his precious pouty lips translated into some seriously silly and endearing photographs!

“Once I got him in the yard, I realized how adorable he looked in pictures, with his downturned mouth and ‘grumpy dog’ expression,” she told

The images of Sheldon’s kissable pink mug and signature brooding frown took Facebook by storm. Thanks to Haltmeyer, this sweet, deserving boy met his new mother the very next day!

Look who’s settling in well so far in his furever home- our “grumpy dog,” Sheldon! This guy had so much expression in…

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Emily Chmiel saw Sheldon’s photos and something “just kind of clicked.” She had been searching for a dog for some time, but when she caught sight of that irresistible pout, she knew her search was over!

Chmiel assured that Sheldon – whom she renamed Castiel, or Cass for short – is grumpy only in the looks department. His personality is sweet, outgoing and gentle. “He’s such a goofball,” she added.

Sheldon aka Cass is happily adjusting to adopted life and getting along famously with his five new feline siblings – that’s right, I said five! They do give him an occasional brotherly smack, but Cass doesn’t let it get him down. He’s too busy adoring his new human and doing zoomies around his brand new courtyard!

Haltmeyer is proud and incredibly pleased that her fun photo shoot with an overlooked pup created such buzz and led so quickly to his adoption. She volunteers her time and photography services to helping the homeless dogs and cats at the Maricopa County shelter find their forever homes.

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Featured Images via Heather Haltmeyer/Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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