Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas With These 25 Funny Posts About Cats & Dogs

The holly jolly holidays are here, and social media has decked the halls with posts of joy and laughter! Because these Christmas posts have filled us with the spirit of the season, we’re here to light up your life too. And the best gift we know to give you is cats and dogs captured on camera being adorable and silly.

Whether kitties are the furry elves that help you trim the tree or doggos got you walking in a winter wonderland, you won’t want to return this present full of fun!

So, let’s come together and celebrate these tidings of furry and funny. Here’s some of the cutest and most humorous cat and dog posts to be found this Christmas!

Gifting You These 21 Cat and Dog Posts For A Joyous Holiday

#1 – Quinn’s carol is destined to become the next holiday hit!

#2 – Sound on to hear a Snortsnwiggle serenade!

@arnold.snortsnwiggleMerry Christmas Frens! #arnoldsnortsnwiggle #singingfrenchie #frenchbulldog #merrychristmas #christmascarol♬ original sound – Arnold.Snortsnwiggle

#3 – Everyone needs to know this!

#4 – Snatching up a Christmas treat!

#5 – Those “someones” are getting coal, as in cat-made coal you’d find in the litter box!

#6 – Blueberry is nice with a splash of naughty!

#7 – Let’s get the cat’s picture made with Santa. It’ll be so much fun…

#8 – Guess who’s on the Good Boy List?

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#9 – Gifting you some holiday giggles via voiceover!

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#10 – Jamesy is a gift to us all!

#11 – Talk about an electrifying experience…

#12 – Top of the Nice List.

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#13 – So precious. I’m not crying; you are!

#14 – Suggestions welcome.

#15 – It’s true, and the bowl is still half full.

#16 – It’s beautiful…

#17 – Seeing cats everywhere doesn’t make you crazy! Does it?

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#18 – Just a little holiday haha for your enjoyment!

#19 – Just a wee marshmallow and already plotting world domination. Where do I sign to bring home my new overlord?

@roshkitty4cat Let me out 😾 #cat #kitten #catsoftiktok #cute #viral ♬ original sound – roshkittycat66

#20 – Don’t forget to water the tree.

#21 – Let the murder mittens go forth!

#22 – Not disappointed in the least.

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#23 – Yes, right before they destroy them.

#24 – It’s always important to take care of yourself!

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#25 – Pixel always out here slayin’!

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And, a little bonus fun because these are some of the most accurate words ever shared!

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Feature Image: @dogmemes/Instagram & @memesiwish/Twitter

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