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Heartless Man Kicks And Throws Puppy On Beach For The Pettiest Reason

Written by: Molly Weinfurter
Molly Weinfurter is a writer for iHeartDogs, and she’s passionate about helping animals in need. She volunteers for Bailing Out Benji and a local dog rescue.Read more
| Published on March 18, 2022

A man from Clearwater, Florida, was recently arrested for blatant animal abuse in a public setting. He injured his 3-month-old female Rottweiler puppy at the beach after the dog exhibited a normal puppy behavior. Luckily, people were quick to report the incident to give the puppy justice.

But even after getting caught, the man continued to defend his actions. The puppy will no longer be hurt by him, but he doesn’t show any regret. People like him should never be allowed to own an animal in the first place.

Man kicks puppy

Public Animal Abuse

Noah Counts was at Clearwater Beach with his puppy, despite dogs not being allowed. Fellow beachgoers said they saw him kick the dog in the face, seemingly out of the blue. Then, he dragged the innocent pup by the leash and threw her over a wall.

The puppy appeared to be limping after the incident, and Counts’ family members confirmed that he had kicked the dog. While Counts doesn’t deny his actions, he defends them and makes them sound less severe than they were.

Counts explained that he got mad at the puppy because she was eating food that didn’t belong to her. It’s unclear if the food was Counts’ or another beachgoer’s. According to police, Counts also had a charcoal grill on the beach, which is illegal. He had open containers of alcohol as well, which violates city ordinances.

Noah Counts Animal Abuser

Sent to Jail

When asked about the incident, Counts’ story was similar, but not the same as what witnesses said. He confessed to kicking the dog, but he said he only kicked her in the butt, and he said the dog didn’t yelp at all. He claimed he dragged the dog, but “not aggressively.” Police asked him if he threw the dog, but he said he “placed” the dog on the other side of the wall instead of throwing her.

“On Monday, officers arrested Noah Counts, 20, of Dade City for animal cruelty for an incident on Clearwater Beach. Multiple witnesses saw Counts kick a 3-month-old puppy in the face, drag it by its leash, and throw it over a wall. He was booked in to the Pinellas County Jail,” Clearwater Police Department wrote.

A few days after the abuse, police confirmed that the dog is doing well. Luckily, she didn’t receive any severe injuries from the situation. She is now staying with an extended family member while her old owner pays for his heartless crimes.

Clearwater police car

Featured Image: Twitter

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