Video Of Woman Kicking Her Dog Sparks Neighborhood Outrage

Bakersfield resident Rina Graciliano has a Vivint camera trained on her home’s driveway. This motion-detecting security camera is meant to identify intruders or signal to the homeowners that a guest has arrived. On February 18, 2022, it alerted Graciliano to something else: a woman walking a dog by her house.

The Vivint camera captured that woman yelling at and kicking her dog. Horrified by what she saw, Graciliano later uploaded the now-viral surveillance footage to Facebook, sparking a conversation about animal abuse.


Upsetting Security Camera Footage Prompts A Protest

In the video, you can hear the woman shouting as she repeatedly kicks at the small dog. Graciliano told ABC 23 News she ran outside as soon as she saw what was happening on the camera.

“The video was taken from my driveway camera and as soon as I saw the notification of some movement on my front yard, I immediately opened it and then I saw the lady kicking her dog.”


Graciliano tried confronting her neighbor but was unsuccessful due to a language barrier, she said.

“I ran out there and tried to talk to her, ask her why she was kicking her dog, but she didn’t speak English, there was a language barrier.”

Wanting justice for the dog but unsure of what else to do, Graciliano called the local animal control. However, the abused dog remains with the woman caught on film.


Many people want the dog taken away from someone who would kick him like that. Outraged dog lovers later protested outside the woman’s home. Graciliano also started a Facebook group, “NO EXCUSE, STOP THE ABUSE: Save the Yorkie!”

Whether this was a one-time occurrence or not, resorting to physical violence is never the answer. It certainly doesn’t teach a dog anything but fear and pain.

What Happens Now?

After the incident, animal control cited the woman but didn’t take the dog away from her since he had no visible injuries. Ultimately, this woman will probably face a misdemeanor charge, not jail time.

Mark Anthony Raimondo, a criminal defense attorney, told Bakersfield Now:

“In the real-life terms, depending upon her record, things like that, she most likely gets some type of classes, maybe a fine, maybe a minor criminal record that could be expunged later. This is not the type of case anyone would go to jail on.”

Still, Raimondo also pointed out that this case could be an opportunity for the district attorney to send a message to dog owners that abuse like this won’t be tolerated. Concerned locals have certainly made their position on the matter clear.

The most recent updates indicate the woman and her family have declined to surrender their dog. Contact the Kern County District Attorney’s Office or Bakersfield Police Department for more information on this case.

H/T: Bakersfield Now
Featured Image: Facebook

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