Old Homeless Dog Had Sad Stories To Tell, Man Held Him And Listened

A senior Pit Bull, named Hero, was stuck spending his final days in a shelter. No one was willing to give the elderly dog a home. Pit Crew Rescue In Sacramento heard about Hero and came to pick him up. Even though the dog was no longer in a shelter environment, his difficult days continued. He needed a forever home for the little time he had left. His graying face said it all, enough years had passed by without a family, and he needed the love he never had.

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Hero was an abuse victim. His scars, both inside and out, had sad stories to tell. The rescue group wanted nothing more than to see the dog live in a happy home before crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. A loving couple met Hero and knew he belonged with them. However, this decision wasn’t just theirs to make. Their other dog, Sugar, another beautiful Pittie, had to accept Hero. Being good doggy parents, they understood they had to introduce the two pups before making the final decision.

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When the family came together for a meet-and-greet, Sugar instantly lit up. She hadn’t even gotten close enough to sniff him! It was decided– the handsome boy had a forever family! Hero was finally coming home! Hero’s new parents tell the story of how he got his first kiss from Hero, and it’s quite unique. You can’t miss it! To continue Hero’s journey, scroll on down.

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