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How To Prevent The Spread Of This Contagious Strain Of Dog Flu


An extremely contagious strain of dog flu that effects nearly all the dogs exposed to it is spreading throughout central Texas. Unfortunately, vaccinations are no guarantee that dogs won’t contract the illness.

The good news is, the H3N2 virus isn’t typically fatal, as long it’s treated. The bad news is, the best way to prevent it will put a damper on your dog’s social time.

“Virtually 100 percent of dogs who are exposed to the virus will contract the virus,” said Dr. Lubitz in a story by KXAN. “Eighty percent of those dogs will show illness.”

According to the story, symptoms include:

  • coughing
  • nasal discharge
  • decreased appetite
  • decreased energy
  • fever, in the more extreme cases

Of course, the best way to keep the flu away from your pooch is to keep him away from other dogs. Concerned pet parents should steer clear of areas where there are lots of pups around, including kennels, boarding and grooming facilities, dog day cares, and dog parks.

Watch a news story on the H3N2 virus below:

Thankfully, with the right treatment, pups who contract the flu should be back on their paws in no time. But no pet parent ever wants to see their companion feeling under the weather!

Even if you’re not in Texas, it’s important to know about the contagious nature of dog flu strains in order to keep your companion as healthy as possible. With some awareness and simple preventative measures, we can stop the spread of H3N2 before it crosses state lines.

(h/t: KXAN)


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Written by Karen Tietjen

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