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Michigan is Experiencing a Drastic Rise in Dog Flu Cases

Veterinarians are warning Michigan dog parents to protect their pups from the rapidly spreading canine flu. According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD), 49 cases have been reported from six Lower Peninsula counties in less than three weeks. For comparison, the state had just nine cases of canine influenza in all of 2017. Residents of Huron, Kent, Macomb, Oakland, Ottawa and Wayne – the six counties that have reported cases of canine flu – should take particular care … Read more

Dozens Of Dog Flu Cases Diagnosed In Manhattan & Brooklyn

City canines beware: the dog flu has arrived in New York. Veterinarians in NYC are warning their clients that the H3N2 viral strain has sickened at least three-dozen dogs in Brooklyn and a handful in Manhattan since April. Approximately 500 West Coast pups have been affected by the dog flu this year, and it seems the virus has now spread east. Dr. Maxim Lotovsky of the Jacobson Veterinary Clinic in Brooklyn recommends dog owners become familiar with the facts and … Read more

6 Dog Flu Symptoms Every Pup Parent Needs To Know

Dog flu is making its rounds across the country, and the best thing dog owners can do is be prepared. Outbreaks have already spread through Washington, California, and Colorado, but dogs in every state are at risk of coming down with the flu. K-9 influenza is extremely contagious and cases range from mild to severe. Dogs who frequently spend time at dog parks and other places where they’re around other canines are most at risk. Veterinarians recommend owners be especially … Read more

Dog Flu Continues To Spread – Is Your Dog Safe?

As canine influenza has spread to at least 46 states, veterinarians are recommending that dog owners bring their pets in for a newly-released vaccine to help curb the spread of this highly contagious and potentially deadly disease. According to Cornell University, at least 2,000 dogs have tested positive for canine influenza since 2005. It spreads through direct contact with infected dogs, contaminated items, and nasal secretions and spreads year-round, unlike the human flu. Dr. Jennifer Bonovich, a veterinarian in South … Read more

Dog Day Care Temporarily Closes After Dog Flu “Apocalypse”

The owners of Woof! Orlando, a doggy day care that also offers boarding and grooming, have decided to voluntarily close for a few days in order to sanitize and disinfect every square inch of the facility after an outbreak of dog flu last Thursday. That day, co-owner Michelle Olds received confirmation that a dog that had visited the facility had the dog flu. It spread quickly through the facility, eventually spreading to more than two dozen dogs. She said: “We describe … Read more

How To Prevent The Spread Of This Contagious Strain Of Dog Flu

An extremely contagious strain of dog flu that effects nearly all the dogs exposed to it is spreading throughout central Texas. Unfortunately, vaccinations are no guarantee that dogs won’t contract the illness. The good news is, the H3N2 virus isn’t typically fatal, as long it’s treated. The bad news is, the best way to prevent it will put a damper on your dog’s social time. “Virtually 100 percent of dogs who are exposed to the virus will contract the virus,” … Read more

Outbreak Of Asian Dog Flu Hits Los Angeles County

Veterinarians across Los Angeles County are staying vigilant and warning dog parents to take precautions against an outbreak of the H3N2 flu strain. At this time, the flu is contained to 34 infected dogs saved last month by a San Fernando Valley rescue group that brings dogs from China to the United States. According to Los Angeles Animal Services, the sick dogs have been quarantined, and eight others have been exposed. #Recap15Jan2016 Dog Flu: New Strain of Canine Influenza Virus Detected … Read more

From The Vet: Important Update On Scary Canine Flu

Most dog people have heard of the scary outbreak of Canine Influenza in and around Chicago last March. It was a challenge because there was not much beyond supportive care for treatment and the only means of prevention was trying to avoid taking dogs to areas where other dogs would be, such as dog parks and boarding kennels. Some dogs died and over 1,000 were reported ill. Now infected dogs have begun to be identified in the Western US, places … Read more