iHD Training: Invisible Line Game

“Stay” is one of those cues that may not seem all that important – until you need it. A strong “stay” can keep your dog from bolting outside when the door opens. It can also keep him out of a room you prefer he keep away from, like the bathroom when you need some privacy, or a baby’s room if your little one is having a nap.

Although useful, “stay” can be difficult to teach, but making a game of it and having a pocketful of treats can make training much easier! Canine Behavior Expert Jessica O’Neill shows us how to play “The Invisible Line Game,” which makes teaching “stay” look like a breeze!

If your dog seems too energetic or distracted for training, read 5 Tips For Training Your High-Energy Dog. See more videos from Jessica on the iHeartDogs Training channel.

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