iHeartDogs Community Shows Off Their Beautiful Dog Tattoos

Dogs are an important part of our lives. They stay with us forever in our hearts whether they’re with us today or not. That’s why many dog lovers have decided to get a tattoo as a permanent memory of their furry friend.

Some of these memories are simple paw prints while others are colorful portraits. Either way, it’s clear that dog parents love to show off their dog tattoos to honor their best friends.

In fact, there are many amazing tattoos even in our own iHeartDogs community. Many individuals have decided to share these beautiful memories with the world. So, here are some of the incredible tattoos that were shared on our iHeartDogs Facebook page.

Tattoos From the iHeartDogs Community

This beautiful tattoo showcases the paw prints of two rescue dogs. They were not her own dogs, but instead, they were dogs that she worked with at a rescue that have now found their forever homes. Even after only two months with them, they made such a lasting impact that she got this tattoo with the caption, “when I needed a hand, I found your paws.”

Image: Rachel Luken Facebook

This couple has matching tattoos of their handsome Boxer named George. These beautiful portraits were done by the same artist on the same day, and they’re incredibly realistic!

Image: George Boxer Facebook

Here’s another beautiful portrait of a sweet dog named Beefy. Sadly, he passed away 3 years ago from epilepsy, but he will forever be in the hearts of his family members. His mom can always see his smiling face on her arm as well.

Image: Alissa Dean Facebook

This colorful image of a paw print in a heart is a beautiful way to remember that the love between a human and a dog is forever.

Image: Tanya Adams Facebook

In this photo, Molly the dog looks very proud to have her paws on her mom’s shoulder. When this photo was shared, her mom also mentioned that she has the paws of her other pups on her ankle. 

Image: Whitney Hiemstar-Jutras Facebook

This beautiful image of a dog named Moose is so realistic. He was her doggy soulmate that passed away 8 years ago, but she constantly has this beautiful memory of him on her.

Image: Cyndi Schultz Facebook

Boudreaux passed away over 2 years ago, but this adorable portrait stays with his dad at all times. He looks like such a happy and handsome pup. 

Image: Craig Allen Facebook

This colorful tattoo shows the adorable faces of two lucky dogs. They are clearly loved very much, and their cute puppy dog eyes will melt your heart.

Image: Jamie Hancharick Facebook

While this flower tattoo might not show a dog’s face, it is a memorial to an amazing dog named Lilly. Lilly’s mom explained that she chose pink for the flowers because pink was the color of Lilly’s collar.

Image: Tracy Anderson Facebook

Finally, this heartwarming tattoo shows a human hand with a dog’s paw. It was shared with the simple caption, “best friends”, which is a phrase that I’m sure we can all relate to with our own dogs.

Image: Julie Richter Facebook

Thank you to all the amazing people that decided to share their beautiful tattoos with the iHeartDogs community. Every tattoo has its own heartwarming story, and they are all such amazing ways to honor the incredible dogs in our lives.

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