Irish President’s Pup Steals The Spotlight During Somber Tribute

If you ever meet Michael D. Higgins, the president of Ireland, you can expect to meet his dogs too. His Bernese Mountain Dogs have always had a reputation of stealing the show. And now, the newest pup in the family has joined in.

During a tribute to deceased actor Tom Hickey, Misneach the puppy stood right beside Higgins, just out of frame. While Higgins appears serious during his speech, a behind-the-scenes video reveals a different perspective: Misneach vigorously licking and gnawing at his dad’s hand.

President of Ireland and his dog
Image: Screenshot, @presidentirl/TikTok

A Family of Attention-Seeking Pups

President Higgins currently has two Bernese Mountain Dogs: Bród (meaning pride) and Misneach (meaning courage). Bród is already famous for demanding belly rubs during an official event and stealing the spotlight during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit. So, Misneach must’ve learned his behavior from his big brother.

President of Ireland's Dog Steals Show
Image: Screenshot, @presidentirl/TikTok

After Hickey’s passing, Higgins gave a speech that was just under four minutes. It was very serious and heartfelt, and Higgins kept a straight face the whole time. But little did anyone know, Misneach was sitting by his feet, distracting him the whole time. The pup can be seen at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds of the speech, but that’s the only sign of him in the official version.

But now, behind-the-scenes footage has been made public. It’s a zoomed-out version of the speech, showing the dog right beside Higgins the entire time. As Higgins talks, Misneach licks, nibbles, and chews on his dad’s hand and clothes. Somehow, these shenanigans don’t disrupt the president at all. But they sure made the world fall in love with the new puppy!

Bernese Mountain Dog Being Silly
Image: Screenshot, @presidentirl/TikTok

Dogs Can’t Be Left Out!

The hilarious video soon went viral on all forms of social media, including Higgins’ own TikTok page. Viewers adore the video because it truly showcases the love Misneach has for his dad. And, of course, the pup doesn’t want to be left out during any big event.

Misneach is only a few months old. Higgins brought him home shortly after his other Bernese Mountain Dog named Síoda passed away. Being such a big animal lover, Higgins likes having more than one dog at a time to ensure that he’s never “dog-less.” Plus, it’s clear to see that his dogs bring him so much joy, and he gives them the same love and support in return.

President Higgins and his Bernese Mountain Dogs
Image: @presidentirl/Instagram

While some dog dads might get annoying with silly behaviors like Misneach’s, Higgins embraces the dog’s playful spirit. After all, he knows that everything his furry friends do is out of love. So, we should all be as kind to our dogs as Higgins is to his.

Watch the Adorable Video Here:


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