Golden Retriever Refuses To Let His Human Pet Another Dog

It’s no secret that most dogs love attention. Of all the humans in the world, they usually love their human’s affection above anyone else’s. So, when they see another dog trying to steal their person’s attention away from them, they need to act fast!

One Golden Retriever named Bailey is extra passionate about making sure he’s his human’s favorite pet. So, whenever he sees his dad petting one of his four-legged siblings, he intervenes. Bailey’s dad posted a hilarious video of the pup’s antics to show how silly and adorable a jealous dog can be.

Funny dog Bailey and his human

Another Dog Gets Pet

Bailey is a Golden Retriever from Spain who has gained a lot of followers on social media because of his silly attitude. On his social media pages, he seems to spend a lot of time with different dogs, so he knows that other dogs will sometimes get attention. However, that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

In a recent video on one of Bailey’s YouTube pages, Bailey’s jealousy toward other dogs stands out. The video shows his human hugging his canine sibling, who is a Golden Retriever puppy named Mia. Mia seems very happy to be getting some love, but it doesn’t take long for Bailey to get involved. The pup quickly shoves his sister out of the way so he can get pet instead.

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Jealous Golden Retriever

Despite being the younger sibling, Mia is surprisingly calm when her brother gets in the way. She accepts that she won’t be getting as many snuggles, so she gives Bailey and his human some space. However, their dad wants to give both of them equal attention, so he keeps trying to pet Mia despite Bailey’s behaviors.

Bailey Steals the Attention

The video goes on for almost three minutes, and in that time, Bailey never gives up trying to steal the spotlight. Every time his human tries to pet Mia instead of him, he finds a way to get his little sister to move. Sometimes, he forces his way onto his human’s lap, and other times, he shoves Mia out of the way. Even when Mia is keeping to herself, Bailey makes an effort to push her even further away.

Golden Retriever stealing attention

Even though Bailey is jealous, no one is upset. Both dogs seem content with each other’s silly behaviors, and their human can’t stop laughing at their interactions the whole time. It’s a wholesome, uplifting video that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

This silly video is proof that dogs bring out the best in us, and they can spread joy just by being themselves. If only Bailey knew how much his silliness makes the internet smile!

Watch the Hilarious Video Here:

Featured Image: YouTube

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