Stray Pit Walks Up To Woman Because She Wants Someone To Look In Her Mouth

A neglected and homeless dog was in desperate need of assistance, so she strolled up to a random doorstep and hoped she could find someone there. The woman on the porch observed the dog and went out to investigate her. What she discovered made her cry.


Image/Story Source Credit: Newsbreaker via YouTube Video



“I saw her teeth and saw that her teeth had been pulled out and filed down, and I just started crying,” said Christianna Willis. “I immediately started bawling.”


The woman decided to publish a post on Craigslist in order to get her message out to those responsible. She claimed that the dog had been overbred and had breast cancer and that it was therefore time for it to be euthanized.

But what happened next will restore your faith in humanity.


Image/Story Source Credit: Newsbreaker via YouTube Video



Because of this post, Mama Jade was able to receive the treatment she needed to recover. In just two days, a Facebook group in dedication to the dog had over 80k likes! Mama Jade is now in remission and living a brand new life with her brand new mom, Christianna Willis.


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