Let’s Pawty! Celebrate Your Dog in the Best Way Ever!

Did you know that 75% of dog parents celebrate their pets’ birthdays and more than half throw a party? That’s a whole lot of tail wagging and butt wiggling! At iHeartDogs we know how important your fuzzy bundle of joy is to you. Whether you’re hosting or attending as a guest, when it comes time to celebrate another trip around the sun together, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you know your pup’s actual birthday, celebrate the Gotcha Day when you took him home from the shelter, or you use DOG-ust Day, the first day of August that is the default birthday of shelter dogs nationwide,  iHD has everything you need to celebrate your fur baby’s birthday. Let’s PAWTY!

Set the Scene

Make your Instagram feed blow up with awwwww-inspiring photos of your pup’s party. Set the photo-op scene right with decorations and special accessories for the guest of honor. Who wouldn’t want to see a group of puppy pals posing in front of a pup-faced banner or “Let’s Pawty” balloons? Your birthday boy will look adorable in a birthday boy hat. Got a little queen? Put her in a crown for her big day. If your pup won’t go for hats, try a brightly colored bandana instead. Whatever decorations or accessories you choose, take tons of photos to capture the memories. Tip: You can motivate your pup to pose for a picture by holding a treat in the air near the camera to grab her attention.

Let Them Eat Cake

For the humans attending the party, call a local bakery and order some paw-print cookies. Don’t serve a fruit platter with grapes or offer chocolate cookies because the pups may get jealous. Get some cheese cubes and cured meats because no dogs will be harmed if they eat a bite or two that’s fallen on the ground.

After you’ve planned a menu for the human guests, it’s time to think about the dogs. Try a dog-friendly cake mix that you can make at home. Nothing says love like homemade. Up the cute factor by baking it in a bone-shaped baking tray. You can even freeze your dogs favorite treat in the same tray!

If baking is not your forte,  do a frozen bone-shaped treat instead. There are easy to follow recipes for frozen treats widely available. Not interested in cooking at all? No problem! You can order doggie cookies or a dog-friendly cake that are ready to be scarfed down by your dog and her puppy pals.

Whatever you do, though, don’t touch the dog’s cake. Like ever.

Be a Great Guest

If you’re attending a pup’s birthday party, you want to show some love to the birthday boy or girl with something special. Say Happy Birthday in style with specially designed cards and party bags, made just for dogs. Your hostess with the mostest will also be touched that your gift helped feed shelter dogs in need. Purchases of our cards help feed shelter dogs! The back of the card reads, “The purchase of this card provided a donation of 3 meals to shelter dogs.” That alone is a reason to celebrate!




Be sure to visit the iHeartDogs Birthday Page anytime you need to throw or attend a party for a special canine someone. As always, your iHD purchases help feed shelter dogs in need! And stay tuned for the launch of our Birthday Club! It’s gonna be paw-some!

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