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Lost Dog Hitches A Ride On A Junior High School Bus

This week, the new kid in school was short, furry, and had four legs!

In Washington, a Bull Terrier sneakily boarded the school bus, remaining unnoticed in a group of kids. She then preceded to ride the entire way to Shahala Middle School in Vancouver!

According to a story by Oregon Live, the bus driver noticed the pup passenger about halfway through the route. But with a bus full of school kids, she wasn’t able to pull over and investigate, so the stowaway was able to enjoy the rest of the ride.

Image Source: Clark County


Once at the school, one of the children tried to carry the dog off the bus, but she managed to wriggle free. The pup proceeded to use her new-found freedom to sprint around the schoolyard. Eventually, though, she was caught by a janitor and detained in the bathroom while staff called animal control. (It looks like she was ready to go for another ride!)

None of the children could identify the Bull Terrier, who had no collar or microchip. But luckily, her frantic parents had been searching for her all the while. They, too, had called animal control to ask about new intakes, and were relieved to learn that their pup was safe and sound at their local humane society.

Image Source: Clark County


As it turns out, the daring dog’s name is Amaya, and she’d gotten loose when a gust of wind blew open a gate in the yard. Her family couldn’t wait to bring her back home, and thanks to this happy ending, they can laugh about their pup’s epic adventure!

The animal control officer on the case said this is a great reminder to have pets microchipped! As much fun as the pup and her new school friends had that day, we hope that she stays safe and secure in her yard from now on!

(h/t: Oregon Live)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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