Woman Takes In Tiny Terror That Has No Regard For Her Lack Of Experience

A woman, named Ciara, wasn’t rosy on fostering a dog. Nevertheless, her husband begged her to foster a puppy and she gave in. Little did she know she was about to get into a predicament that left her a bit in over her head. Okay, more than a bit.

Ciara opened her home to Louie, a puppy who required a lot of work! He needed tons of love and tons of training!

Screenshot via YouTube

The foster dog, although adorable, is a mischief-maker that even seasoned dog owners would have a hard time harnessing! Ciara admits, “I had no idea what I was doing. I feel like he knew that, and he exploited it.” Ironically, the foster mom’s side job focuses on house plant care. And Ciara learned, rather quickly, that as much as she loves plants, Louie loves dirt. Their passion-combination is quite hilarious!

Screenshot via YouTube

Louie proved himself worthy of puppy training classes, outside the scope of what Ciara could provide. Ciara didn’t find herself helpful in the situation or even “qualified” to be present in class so she watched from the bushes. This story will give you some serious giggles! Don’t cheat yourself out of this feel good, happy-ending tale. Ciara and Louie make quite the team!

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