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Woman ‘Stops Short’ When She Sees Puppy Cowering In Porta-Potty

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 1, 2024

If one were to summarize this pup’s ordeal, it would be: “Abandoned by His Owner, Left Without Remorse.” This encapsulates the young dog’s predicament. In a life rife with uncertainties, he faced a severe betrayal when his owner heartlessly left him in an outdoor restroom. Terrified and deprived of even the most basic humane conditions, he was too young, at only eight weeks old, to fend for himself. Fortunately, he wasn’t left to face this challenge alone. At his lowest point, a kind human came to his aid.

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control/Facebook

A woman found the puppy on the floor of the restroom and acted swiftly. She reached out to Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control in Indiana, alerting them to the puppy’s dire condition. He was severely undernourished, his spine visible, and his paws stained with urine. “This sweet boy was malnourished with visible ribs and spine, urine-stained paws, overgrown nails, and quite scared. Our medical team assessed his health, with his primary need being nutritional care,” the rescue shared in a Facebook post.

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control/Facebook

More than just medical attention, it was crucial to shower the young dog with affection, given the trauma he had endured. Despite his initial fear, it didn’t take long for him to show his true, loving nature. Almost immediately, he bonded with those caring for him as though he had always belonged with them. Upon arriving at the rescue center, he quickly became affectionate, reveling in the attention and love he was receiving for the first time. He was eager to return that affection.

The medical team carefully planned out his diet to ensure his recovery was on track without upsetting his stomach. After his rescue, he was placed in a foster home, which proved to be a perfect decision. This little survivor turned out to be incredibly affectionate from the moment he met his rescuers, embracing his new chance at life wholeheartedly.

Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control/Facebook

“This precious boy has been a wiggly angel despite being let down by the person meant to care for him. Once he settles down, he loves to curl up in your lap—a true testament to the forgiving nature of animals,” his caregivers shared on Facebook. The Indiana rescue celebrated his first day in foster care, but one thing he lacked was a name. They turned to their Facebook followers for suggestions, and soon they had a fitting name for him.

“The puppy found abandoned in a porta-potty now has a name…Louie! ✨ The name means ‘famous warrior,’” the rescue announced in a follow-up post. Louie is now learning proper manners and how to socialize with his new siblings in a warm, loving home. He’s thrilled to start this exciting new chapter of his life. When the time is right, it’s certain that Louie will find a permanent home. Ultimately, all he desires is a forever family that will never fail him, something he truly deserves.

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