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Majestic Corgi Flops Into Lake

Graceful. Majestic. Airy. Things this Corgi is not – but he’s trying so hard!

Cooper wants so badly to leap into the water like his friend. But they make it look so easy with their long legs and sleek body! It comes naturally to the Lab to be swanlike in water, but Corgis aren’t really made for elegance. Still, this determined Corgi isn’t going to let being short and round stop him from trying his best. Legs out…

leap into the air…



I love how he approaches the jump so boldly but then hesistates. After a second or two, he regains his courage and takes the leap! He looks like he’s going for distance, but he seems to hang in the air a moment before – FLOP!

We could watch this all day! You’re trying your best Cooper, and we love it!

Featured Photo: @geddesd21/YouTube


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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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