Man Refuses To Pay Date Back After His Dog Destroys Her $1200 Shoes

Here’s the situation: a user who has since deleted his post recently took to Reddit, seeking confirmation that he made the right call. Apparently, his dog created a little bit of a situation between him and a Tinder date.

When his date arrived at his house, the man asked her to remove her shoes, a pretty common in-home practice.

“When she was leaving, we noticed one of her shoes was missing. We looked around and found my dog chewing on it. It was barely recognizable.”


The man went on to explain that his dog “doesn’t usually have a problem” with chewing shoes, and insisted:

“He hasn’t done something like this in years so I couldn’t have expected it.”

Unfortunately, this couldn’t have been a worse shoe for his dog to relapse on. It was one of a pair of $1,200 Gucci boots. Yikes.

“I Just Don’t Have That Type Of Money”

Evidently, the man felt he didn’t owe his date anything for the wrecked shoes, no matter how much they cost. The point of the entire post boiled down to a simple question:

“If I don’t pay for it, can she pursue legal action?”

Given that the original poster deleted it later, he clearly didn’t get the answers he was hoping for. Several users chimed in to pretty much tell him “your dog, you’re culpable.”

“You destroyed her property, you need to pay for it.” (via Reddit)

“Don’t make your guests leave their shoes out if you dog chews them.” (via Reddit)

Some also took issue with the man’s degrading language. He referred to his date as “a sugar baby” and implied that she didn’t even pay for the shoes herself.

“It doesn’t matter if she’s a doctor, lawyer, stripper, or sugar baby. You invited her into your home and your dog destroyed her property. You are responsible.” (via Reddit)

Obviously, this is a complicated issue with no simple answer, but there’s two clear takeaways to me: 1) watch who you swipe right on, and 2) find a nice, secure, dog-free place for your shoes on your next Tinder date!

Plus, we can all agree on something: it’s not the doggie’s fault, he didn’t mean it!!!

Featured Image: @gomagoti/flickr

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