Man Sells Unwanted Christmas Gift Puppy On Facebook


Although we know that there are a lot of dogs who are looking for homes especially during the holidays, giving a puppy as a Christmas gift is not something we’d advise for everyone. Not everyone can handle the responsibility of taking care of a dog, and the poor pup may just end up rejected, neglected, abandoned, and/or surrendered to the shelter.

In South Carolina, a man got a Pit Bull puppy for his daughter as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, his daughter didn’t like the present. So what did the guy do? He sells the puppy on Facebook.

Elizabeth Mashburn of Lucky Pup Rescue in Greenville, South Carolina, saw the post and was enraged. The puppy looked malnourished and he was dangling from a leash. Elizabeth and her husband Matthew met the man who posted the photo to pick up the pup. The man said that the puppy was from a breeder and that he gave the pup as a Christmas present to his daughter. However, his daughter rejected the Christmas present because she didn’t want the dog.

Source: Fox Carolina
Source: Fox Carolina

Elizabeth wanted the pup safe, so she paid the man his asking price of $50 and left with the pup.

According to the news report by Fox Carolina, Elizabeth thought that Walker wouldn’t make it after they picked him up. She said she could feel the dog’s bones and his belly was protruding. Walker was severely dehydrated, malnourished, and has worms.

Elizabeth named the puppy Walker. Thankfully, Walker survived and is now under foster care.

Watch the video below for the full story. (Please wait for the video to load. If the video doesn’t load, you can watch it HERE.)

FOX Carolina 21

As soon as Walker gets healthier, he will be available for adoption. This should teach every dog lover a lesson never to buy puppies from puppy mill breeders, and to think twice (or even thrice!) before giving a puppy as a Christmas present, because not everybody wants the responsibility of having a dog.

You can read more of this story at Fox Carolina and at BarkPost.

Written by Nicolette Mansueto
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