Dad Put Camera In Car To Show 4-Dogs ‘Flipping Out’ When They Hear They’re Going To The Dog Park

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Don’t be fooled by the dogs’ tremendous size. On the inside, they’re all little kids who just discovered that they’re heading to their favorite place in the world! Despite their reputation of being loving and well-behaved pets, when it’s playtime, nothing can keep Pointers back from unleashing their enthusiasm.



All that dad has to do is ask:



“Alright y’all, where we going?”



Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video



The dogs’ excitement reaches new heights as his “energy” rises. It becomes so out of hand that their father has a hard time keeping them under control and driving at the same time. Seeing my dog this delighted and adored makes my heart melt, and I want to hug him and bring him to the park too!



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