Mom Asks Her Husky If She’s Stupid, Husky Is Ready With A Hilarious ‘Comeback’

Meet Mishka, a Husky who has become VERY popular with her hilarious howling and HILARIOUS antics! After you watch this video, we HIGHLY recommend that you make someone SMILE by sharing it. We’re living in some difficult times and passing on a SMILE in a world of negative news is always a good thing!


Mishka is unlike any other “talking” Husky you’ve ever seen. This girl has some strong views of her own. She’s a really bright being who understands the intricacies of human language, even if she can’t replicate it herself. This video demonstrates how clever Mishka is.



Image/Story Source Credit: Gardea23 YouTube Channel via YouTube Video



On a daily basis, Mishka’s life is typical. So when her mother says: “I Love You,” she replies with a similar “I Love You” for his human.



For the next few seconds, the Husky provides Mom with appropriately affirming responses to her inquiries about whether she’s attractive and whether she loves her.



Image/Story Source Credit: Gardea23 YouTube Channel via YouTube Video




It was all wonderful until Mom asked Mishka the most ridiculous question – “Are you stupid?” The fluffy dog starts stomping about the room in anger and howling away at the top of her lungs, “NOOOOOOOO!” That’s just outrageous! Mishaka was not having it, haha.




Image/Story Source Credit: Gardea23 YouTube Channel via YouTube Video




This video will show you the distinct change in Mishka’s behavior as soon as she hears the word “stupid.” She can tell the difference between a compliment and an insult, and no one can talk her into saying stupid things. Mishka is a canine genius!


Be sure to WATCH the video all the way to the end, this will surely BRIGHTEN your day, enjoy!


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